Stem Cell Treatments

Orthopedics and Pain Management

Since Stromal Vascular Fraction contains growth factors, it has the ability to decrease the inflammation that is present in many diseases as well as spur the growth of cells. The most effective use of stem cells yet is found with SVF and some of the diseases it treats include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and ligament or tendon injuries, back and neck pain and more. Our orthopedic surgeon in Dubai, Dr Kris Lewonowski, performs stem cell treatments.

Cosmetic & Aesthetic Procedures

We use stem cell therapy for rejuvenation (hair, face and hands), for breast and buttock enlargement, and to repair and restore (treating stretch marks, and all scar types). For more about this see Dr Sahar Al Kazzaz.

Men’s Health

Stem cell therapy and PRP can be effective in treating erectile dysfunction, especially for diabetics (about 50% of diabetic patients have at least some degree of erectile dysfunction). For more about this see Dr Shawket Alkhayal.

Novomed Stem Cell

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