• Vein Therapy

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    Varicose Veins Treatment in Dubai

Solution for

  • Unsightly spider veins on legs and thighs
  • Reducing pain, discoloration and ulceration due to varicose veins

Predictability Patients typically see the best results from one session per month over 3-4 months.

Discomfort during the procedure The needle used to inject the agent is extremely fine. Discomfort is minimal. (2/10)

Downtime Avoid heavy exercise for one week following the procedure.

Restrictions We recommend that you wear knee-height thin stockings during the recovery time.

Cost Depends on the size of the vessels and the extent and depth of the treated veins. Insurance frequently covers veins that are symptomatic.


Why choose Novomed Aesthetica for your Sclerotherapy Treatment?
We can conduct advanced studies to understand your anatomy and target the treatment accordingly. Our team of experts in various cosmetic specialties gives you access to doctors and equipment to provide a better, more comprehensive treatment plan for your veins. This includes vascular (V-beam) laser for the face, sclerotherapy for legs and vascular surgeons for larger veins that may require special procedures.

Are there any sclerotherapy complications?
Sclerotherapy is a fairly safe procedure with very few complications. There may be a few temporary side effects following the treatment which include bruising and swelling. Very rarely patients have been known to experience blood clots and inflammation.

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