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Our Mission is to Provide the Highest Quality Service, And Honest Advice

The founder of the Novomed Centers in Beverly Hills brings a similar experience to the UAE

Dr Mazen Sawaf, better known as Dr Max, is the CEO and founder of the Novomed brand, which he brought to the UAE from Beverly Hills, USA. It is headquartered in Dubai, and there are Novomed centers across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, including clinics, hospitals and homecare services.

Prior to founding Novomed, Dr Max was the original founder of Emirates Hospital and CosmeSurge, two well-known medical facilities in the UAE, which he later sold.With his new venture Novomed, his mission is to offer the UAE the best technology and best service, but above all, doctors who give honest advice.

All of our Novomed Centers have Specialized Clinics such as gynecology, orthopedics, dermatology, gastroenterology, etc. In addition, we have Novomed Aesthetica with cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, laser technicians and beauty therapist offering cutting-edge treatments. Novomed Psychiatry & Neurology services cover mental well-being, family counselling, academic assessments and more. Our Novomed Integrative Medicine clinic includes physicians specializing in naturopathic and functional medicine. We also have a Men’s Health Center and a dedicated Allergy & Asthma Center for testing and treatment. Our services are complemented by advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities, including genetic testing, radiology and elite surgical and day hospitals, stem cell solutions and a sleep lab.


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