Novomed Centers Offer Better Outcomes

Quality Staff

Quality is defined by our founder as art and science and latest medical technology meeting honesty and bedside manners. Our experience shows in our impeccable service to you.

We Build Trust

At Novomed Centers, honest advice is our founder’s trademark. We scrutinize our physicians’ files and patients’ outcome to ensure that they are following honest and evidence-based practices.

Peace of Mind

Focus and repetition reduces errors. “Practice makes perfect”. We practice Integrative Medicine, yet with easy access to sub-specialists.

You Save

When it comes to your body, cheap can be very expensive. We provide faster, friendlier and more accurate medical services at a reasonable cost to you.

The Wait Is Over

We go out of our way to confirm appointments. We make sure we are available by operating 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. We provide easy time-saving access.

Get Informed

Relevant educational resources (articles, videos, events) are provided on each of Novomed Centers’ websites

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