Dr Sahar Al Kazzaz

Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon

Dr Sahar Kazzaz is renowned as one of the best plastic surgeons in Dubai and the UAE. She has more than 25 years’ experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, with 18 years dedicated to cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries. She is subspecialized in cosmetic breast surgery, body contouring and body lifts after massive weight loss.

Dr Sahar Kazzaz

Her surgical philosophy is simple: first, to achieve the most natural, refined and long-lasting result possible by using the latest advances in technology combined with well-proven techniques to optimize safety and aesthetic appearance. Secondly, to acknowledge the patient’s personality and cultural background, which is an important in mosaic multicultural cities like Dubai.

Dr Sahar Al Kazzaz earned her degree in Medicine and Surgery from Mosul University, followed by her FICMS (akin to Board certification) in Plastic Surgery in Iraq.

She also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Surgery and an MSc in Aesthetic Surgery, both with distinction from the University of London/ Queen Mary and Westfield College. After practicing as a specialist plastic surgeon in Iraq, Dr Sahar moved to the UAE in 1999 and has worked at various hospitals, mainly in Dubai, since then.

Dr Sahar is known for the amount of time she spends with each patient, starting with caring, individualized attention and a transparent consultation where she listens to the patients’ needs, educating them on all available surgical and non-surgical alternatives. She is with her patients during every step of the recovery period to ensure their needs are being met and to meet her ethical commitment and care towards her patient for a very long time.

Dr Sahar is one of the first plastic surgeons in the region to incorporate adipose-derived stem cells (stem cells from your own unwanted fat tissue) for breast, body and face, and to treat many skin problems. For more information about Stem cell therapy for aesthetic application visit: stemcells-aesthetica.com/

She likes to master all advanced technologies in her field to offer her patients the best available option to optimise the aesthetic outcome.  For example, while some surgeons simply offer liposuction, Dr Sahar has mastered newer techniques assisted by various tools including lasers; ultrasound (vaser); radiofrequency (Bodytite), compressed air (Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture); radiofrequency-plasma combination (J-Plasty); and water-technology (BodyJet).

Her other focus areas include aesthetic breast surgeries, cosmetic gynaecology, mommy makeovers, surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation, fat transfer and body contouring – including makeovers after massive weight loss.

Dr Sahar speaks Arabic and English.

Specialties include

Circumferential body contouring (360 degrees)

Not all women are lucky to have the most feminine body shape, the hour-glass figure, despite following a healthy lifestyle and exercising. Only 10-15% of women have it. Even women lucky enough to be born with an hourglass shape can lose it through weight gain or aging. Dr Sahar Kazzaz’s 360-degree body sculpturing can help them to reshape their body by removing unwanted fat in stubborn areas through high-definition liposuction, and adding it to areas where fat is genetically deficient.

In your consultation, Dr Sahar will explain what type of body shape you have genetically, what can be done to improve it, and how your skin firmness will determine the reshaping process so that you end up with a natural result. Once your hour glass figure is achieved, you can maintain it through a healthy lifestyle.

Post-weight-loss/ body-lift surgeries

After losing a large amount of weight, whether it is through dieting, bariatric surgery or a heavy pregnancy, women are often left with loose skin that is unsightly and may even cause hygiene problems, and may see changes in the genital area. After a complete assessment, Dr Sahar might suggest a combination of techniques such as an arm lift (brachioplasty), back lift with breast lift (upper body lift), or inner and outer thigh lift (thioplasty) with belt lipectomy or abdominoplasty (lower body lift), for example. Depending on the amount of excess skin, Dr Sahar can offer lipoabdominoplasty, lateral extended lipoabdominoplasty, belt lipectomy, fleur-de-lys, mini-abdominoplasty and reverse abdominoplasty.

Aesthetic breast surgeries

Breast enlargement, breast lifts with or without implants, breast reductions, fat transfer to breasts with and without the BRAVA system, secondary breast surgeries (to correct previous unsatisfactory surgeries), correction of congenital breast deformities and asymmetry, and correction of sagging breasts as a result of massive weight loss.

Tummy tucks & mummy makeovers

Even women lucky enough to be born with an hourglass shape can lose it through pregnancy. A history of heavy pregnancy or multiple pregnancies, plus accompanying weight gain, can affect the shape of the abdomen wall. Dr Sahar helps to correct the effects of pregnancy, which doesn’t just mean reshaping the body – it has also been proved that correcting defects in the abdominal wall muscles can help decrease back pain.

Dr Sahar can combine this with a full back liposuction and buttock lifting, reshaping or even enlargement with local tissue or fat transfer enrichment  (posterior profiloplasty), with or without stem cells. Most women who are unhappy with the effects of pregnancy on their abdomen are also unhappy with the effect on their breasts, which can be addressed by a breast lift with or without implants on the same day.

Liposuction - using various techniques for skin tightening

Dr Sahar will analyse your anatomy and tissue quality to determine which is the best method of liposuction for you. Her expertise includes liposuction performed with the assistance of lasers; ultrasound (Vaser); radiofrequency (Bodytite), radiofrequency-plasma combination (J-Plasty); water-jet technology (Body-jet) and compressed air (Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture or NIL).

Fat transfer for face & body

Dr Sahar uses advanced fat-grafting aspiration, preparation and transferring techniques, and all can be done under local anesthetic.  Your body’s own fat is used alone or enriched with PRP or stem cells to rejuvenate your face or hands, or to enlarge your breasts, buttocks or legs, or to correct asymmetry of the breasts, or after a breast-lump excision. Enriched fat transfer can also help patients with scars whether from burns, acne, surgery or secondary to previous trauma.

Stem cells for rejuvenation & enhancement

Dr Sahar will repair, rejuvenate and restore areas of your body using the power of your own stem cells, taken from your fat. With these stem cells she can offer regenerative treatments for your face and hands, as well as breast and buttock enlargement, stretch marks and correction and treatment of all scar types (for example, acne, trauma, surgical and burn scars). Stem cells can be a very helpful treatment for menopausal women who complain of dryness in the intimate areas and its effect has been proven by many published scientific studies.

Cosmetic gynecology

This includes reduction and augmentation, labiaplasty and mons pubis lifting to treat congenital or aging-related conditions, or after massive weight loss has caused changes in the area.

Natural facial rejuvenation

In addition to effective surgical techniques, Dr Sahar also offers non-surgical cosmetic enhancement to smooth out facial wrinkles and fine lines, as well as to give the eyes and forehead a more youthful, refreshed appearance, and rejuvenate the overall appearance of the face and neck. By selecting a personalized combination of Botox, fillers, PRP, stem cells, fractional lasers, radiofrequency (Thermage), she can give your face and neck a natural, healthy, bright and smooth appearance.

Your own adipose (fat) tissue can restore face shape and structure lost through rapid weight or aging. Replacing the volume and shape, and giving your skin a fresh, healthy glow will create a much younger look. This can be even further enhanced by the addition of laser lipolysis for lower face and neck. All of this can be done under local anesthetic.

Professional memberships:

  • Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)
  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
  • American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS)
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • European Society of Aesthetic Surgery
  • Iraqi Society for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.
  • Plastic Surgery Society/Emirates Medical Association (EPSS)