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Neck Lift Procedure is:

Solution for

  • A sagging neck that makes you look older and/or heavier
  • An unattractive profile
  • A chin ‘wattle’ that can appear at any age
  • Band improvement
  • Sagging from sun damage, weight loss, or smoking
  • Facelifts are reserved for patients with significant sagging of their face or neck since lasers, fillers, and botox injections are ineffective for such cases.

neck lift surgery

Predictability The vast majority of patients are very satisfied with the results. Discomfort during the procedure None, as the procedure is performed with sedation.

facelift before and after
facelift before and after

Downtime 3-7 days

Restrictions Your blood pressure must be normal/under control. Blood thinners, fish oil, and any pain medication (except Tylenol) should be stopped for 10 days prior to surgery.

Cost will be determined by the technique used specifically to the patient.

What is Platysmaplasty surgery?

For some people, the ligaments that hold the underlying platysma muscles loosen, which causes the neck to sag. A Platysmaplasty effectively tightens these muscles. The procedure involves two small incisions under the chin and behind the ear and from there, an endoscopy is used to tighten the two vertical ‘bands’ running from the chin downwards. The result is a tighter-looking, less saggy neck.

Can I have a neck lift without a facelift?

Yes. In most cases, a neck lift can repair/restructure the causes of neck sagging with or without a facelift.

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