• Abdominoplasty in Dubai

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Solution for

  • Women suffering from saggy skin, stretch marks and weakened muscles following pregnancy.
  • Men and women with saggy skin after massive weight loss.

Predictability The vast majority of patients are happy with the results.
We frequently combine the tummy tucks with liposuction.

Downtime This is a same day procedure usually performed under general anesthesia. The recovery requires one week of rest at home. No strenuous activities for 4-6 weeks after surgery are advised.

Complications As with all operations, complications and side effects from abdominoplasty can occur. These may include infection, hematomas or seromas (an accumulation of fluid beneath the skin flap), numbness of the skin of the abdomen, and unsatisfactory scarring. All of these issues can be treated successfully but may require additional surgical intervention.

Tummy Tuck Cost

Depends on the extent of surgery required.

Tummy Tuck Before & After Pictures

tummy tuck before after
Tummy tuck before after abdominoplasty

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