• Endoscopic Eye Brow Lift

    Eyebrow Lift

Solution for

  • A tired or an angry look
  • A look of the ‘visor’ or ‘overhang’ that create a ‘hood’ over the eyelid
  • Brow furrows 


With our expert approach, an endoscopic brow lift delivers a youthful, more relaxed and pleasant look. It softens facial lines, uplifts the eyebrows and helps you to regain a softer, younger look and gives you a better aesthetic appearance.

Discomfort during the procedure None. The procedure is performed with sedation.

Downtime 10-14 days.

Cost Cost will be determined by technique used specific to the patient.


What is the procedure of an Endoscopic Brow Lift?
Usually four or five incisions are made around the hairline. The endoscope is then inserted, enabling the surgeon to work from a screen to avoid minimal skin probing. This revolutionary procedure then enables the surgeon to lift the forehead skin, muscles and tissues.

Can I make my brows symmetrical?
Most people’s brows are asymmetric in both shape and position. The simple reason is that our facial bones are asymmetrical, though not necessarily noticeably so. Our brows at rest may appear to be the same height, but our expressions often cause one to seem higher than the other. ‘Perfect’ symmetry is sometimes not achieved, but in most cases we have surgical tricks to camouflage any noticeable asymmetry. 

What are the advantages of Endoscopic Brow Lifts over Open Brow Lifts?
The Endoscopic Brow Lift holds a number of advantages for patients. Scars in the hair are placed so that they do not widen and produce large ‘bald’ areas. The procedure avoids a noticeable scar in front of the hairline which is important for women who like to wear their hair up. The Endoscopic Brow Lift also has a faster recovery period and nerves of sensation are generally preserved. 

Can the procedure be done through the eyelids?
On occasion, we can reduce the furrows and lift the brow through incisions in the eyelid only.

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Endoscopic Eye Brow Lift
Endoscopic Eye Brow Lift

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