• Mid Face Lift

    Mid Face Lift

Solution for

  • Facial sagging that gives the appearance of a ‘sad face’
  • Descending cheek pads that leave a ‘hollow’ area
  • Folds and jowls around the nose, mouth and lips
  • Wrinkles and creases

Predictability Most patients are happy with their mid-facelift for 7-10 years. Expect significant improvement and rejuvenation of the deep folds around the mouth.

Discomfort during the procedure None. The procedure is performed under sedation.

Downtime Swelling and bruising is normal with any surgical procedure; however, with this procedure it is minimized. In addition to gentle and meticulous techniques, we use technically advanced instrumentation. Swelling diminishes after 10-14 days, while elevation is visible immediately. The face will continue to heal and re-model for at least six months.

Restrictions Your blood pressure must be normal/under control. Discuss any medication you may be on during your consultation.

Cost Cost will be determined by technique used specific to the patient.


What is the procedure for a mid-facelift?
The mid-facelift is also known as a cheek lift, and it addresses some of the early signs of aging which is the sagging of the cheeks. The procedure elevates the sagging cheek tissue (malar fat pad) by using minimal incisions around the hairline and ear. This surgery provides patients with a more youthful appearance to their cheekbones.

Before & After

Mid Face Lift before and after picture

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