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    About Novomed Psychiatry & Neurology

    Dr. Max (Founder of the Novomed Group)

    At Novomed Psychiatry and Neurology, we have brought together specialists at the top of their fields of mental health, from adult and child psychologists and psychiatrists, to neurologists and pediatricians specializing in learning disabilities, developmental and speech delay, autism, etc. We also offer expert couples’, marriage and family counselling, and help children with behavioral problems in the context of their family environment.

    We are part of the fast-expanding Novomed Group, which is known for its multi-specialty health care facilities known for innovation, advanced treatmentsand honest medical advice.  The complete care packages at Novomed Specialized Clinics can meet all your medical requirements. Whether you are looking for multidisciplinary experts, exclusive treatments, or wellness campaigns, we strive hard to contribute towards delivering a lifetime of wellness.

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