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Dr Mazen Hamoudi

Consultant Psychiatrist & Head of Psychiatry

Dr Mazen Hamoudi obtained his medical doctorate (MD) from the University of Baghdad in 2000. He is an American Board-certified psychiatrist in the USA, having completed his psychiatry training at Maine General Medical Center in a program affiliated with Tufts University.

He is a certified Suboxone provider for patients with opioid dependence and dual diagnoses, with experience working at the Seton opioid outpatient clinic in Maine.

In the United States he worked with torture and war trauma survivors at Utah Health and Human Rights Project as a Mental Health Counselor. He then worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist at Maine General Medical Center, where he provided expert psychiatric care to psychiatric patients and demonstrated an excellent understanding of psychodynamic and biological therapies. He was also the consultant psychiatrist for the medical, surgical and intensive care units at the Maine Medical center.

Dr mazen

Focus areas

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Gender Identity Disorder
  • Dual diagnosis Disorder
  • Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Affective Disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and others)
  • Psychotic and schizophrenic disorders

Dr Mazen has developed deep insight and knowledge about the development and management of PTSD, an unfortunately common condition among refugees. He has also worked to educate his colleagues about sensitivity to cultural differences in people of Arab heritage in American health care. He presented this work at more than 10 conferences in the United States.

Before joining Novomed centers, Dr. Mazen worked for two years as a consultant psychiatrist at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology in the UAE and has obtained a special license for the General Civil Aviation Authorities. He was an official speaker and lecturer at multiple conferences in the UAE.

Dr Mazen speaks English and Arabic.

Words from our Happy Patients


We have seen many Psychiatrists in UK , USA but Dr Mazen Hammoudi surpassed our expectation . His professionalism , ethics, focussed approach and grace was a refreshing and heart warming experience . His knowledge and openness is truly inspirational . Dr Mazen has restored our trust in the medical profession .


It was a very very helpful visit to Dr Mazen.
I was before worried about the idea of going to a psychiatric but after this visit to Novomed you will realize that you started a new beginning in your life .
Wish I made this visit before years


Over less than 6 months, my life has completely changed. I started seeing everything differently. I felt like I’ve been put in jail with my thoughts. Now I can see the light. And now i enjoy the little small things again.


Dr Mazen is an AMAZING doctor, always smiling and answers all of my questions patiently, which is very comforting.


“Dr. Mazen has been instrumental in helping me to achieve a greater level of mental health and an improvement in my quality of life. He is the best, most knowledgeable and compassionate psychiatrist that I have ever seen. He diagnosed very quickly, and was spot on in his diagnosis and treatment regimin. I am very happy to be relocating to my home country but will miss Dr. Mazens care and expertise very much. I worry that I won’t be able to find a psychiatrist who is as good as Dr. Mazen. He really is the best psychiatrist that I have ever seen.”


“I have been in very bad condition as I was going through sever anexity which couldn’t make me sleep or preform my daily activity. And through my search I have managed to meet Dr. Mazen who have welcomed though out his busy schedule and managed to provide me with a medication that helped and supported me a lot. I truly appreciate his support
Al Hamdulla I feel much better and improving on daily basis


“Amazing person! Makes you feel very comfortable! Doesn’t make you feel like a patient at all!”


“I was carrying stress and anexity on my back for such long time but after following up with Dr. Mazen, I feel like a new person who is focused and stress free.
Thanks Dr. Mazen”


“I advice every one who has any type of anxiety to visit the doctor ,, really it was very successful choice when I have visited doctor Mazen ,, and my confidence really improved and feeling so happy for this try”


I’ve been dealing with psychiatrists since 2017, at around 2018 I lost hope cause I was on different types of medication and all didn’t suit me or even help me. As soon as I got to Dr. Mazen he told me that I was misdiagnosed, I felt like crying because of the stigma around mental health but ever since then I feel like his diagnosis is accurate, therefor he was able to give me the right treatment for my condition. I feel so relieved knowing what is wrong with me cause for a while I lost hope and thought I was unfixable. Little did I know that there was hope and now I am better than I’ve ever been in my life.


I came in literally thinking I was suffering from a physical disease and did not expect that all my feelings were from anxiety. After understanding what my sickness was and getting talked through this whole thing with a doctor I was comfortable with made me want to overcome this issue. With the right medication treatment and help I feel like a better and stronger person. I actually find myself excited to come and see the staff and how the have seen that I have changed for the better.


I am not sure how people who are in a different situation might deal. Working under constant stress then you start to change, and your behavior start changing, friends and coworker say that you are impulsive and lose your temper quickly… it took me 5 years to make the decision that I need psychiatric help.

I can best write about the way I dealt with this. I met with doctor Mazen who conducted a thorough examination of my condition, explained my case to me in detail, offered two treatment plans and explained them in detail, listened to my concerns and we took the decision on the best treatment plan for my condition going forward…

Its been a little over 6 months. The medications helped enormously. Still do. I feel that I’m back to myself again and believe me your friends and family will notice the change as well.

I waited 5 years to make the decision, don’t do the same mistake….get healthy and seek treatment (best of luck 😊 Doctor Mazen is a  therapist I could trust.

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