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We are seeking for an experienced and Western-trained specialist/consultant Allergist with a proven track record to join our diverse and talented team in Novomed Centers Abu Dhabi and Al Ain branches. He/She must hold a valid HAAD/DoH license, and with minimum 5 years working experience in Abu Dhabi / Al Ain as an Allergist post qualification.

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Novomed Group is recruiting for a Specialist/Consultant Otolaryngologist (ENT) with a proven local track record (logbooks),and holding a valid HAAD/DoH license for our multi-specialty medical centers in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.

Candidates must have a medical degree from a recognized medical school, and with minimum 5 years experience in Al Ain post specialist qualification. He/She must be an expert in all aspects of ENT including specialized procedures, and can communicate effectively with patients, families, nurses, doctors and other clinic staff.

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Family Medicine Practitioner
Start Date:

Novomed Centers is offering an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic Family Medicine Practitioners in our multi-specialty Medical Center in Al Ain.

Applicants must have an MBBS and minimum 5 years working experience in Al Ain as a Family Medicine Practitioner, and hold a valid HAAD/DoH License. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted at the earliest opportunity.

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We are actively seeking for an experienced Specialist/Consultant Gastroenterologist with a proven track record for our Novomed Centers Abu Dhabi and Al Ain branches.

Applicants must hold a valid HAAD license, with at least five years of practice in Abu Dhabi / Al Ain as a Gastroenterologist post certification. He/She must be highly skilled in the field of Gastroenterology, (including endoscopy) with mature clinical judgment and ability to provide professional leadership. Excellent command of oral & written English. Knowledge of Arabic language is desirable but not essential. Good communication, interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with co-workers, superiors, patients & families.

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Prosthodontist/ Cosmetic/ GP Dentist
Start Date:

Novomed Group is looking for Prosthodontist / Cosmetic specialist/ GP Dentists for its Abu Dhabi and Al Ain branches, whose main responsibilities include provision of quality dental care in all phases – from basic dental services and procedures, to treating natural and acquired deformation of mouth and jaws for the restoration and maintenance of oral functions such as chewing and speaking, and to improve patient’s appearance.


  • Holder of a valid HAAD license
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in Abu Dhabi / Al Ain as a Prosthodontist/ Cosmetic / GP dentist
  • Candidates should be experienced and highly skilled in dental implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, dental cosmetics, etc.
  • Can effectively communicate with patients, to understand their needs and explain procedures to them.
  • Excellent command of oral & written English. Knowledge of Arabic language is desirable but not essential.
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Audiology Specialist/ Technician
Start Date:

Novomed Group is looking for Audiology Specialist / Technician for its Abu Dhabi and Al Ain branches. Main responsibilities include identifying, assessing and treating hearing problems and balance disorders. Familiarity with the latest diagnostic tools available to determine both the problem and the best treatment option.

Candidates must have a valid HAAD license and minimum 5 years’ experience in Abu Dhabi / Al Ain as an Audiology Specialist / Technician to be shortlisted for this position. Fluency in oral and written English is a must, and knowledge of Arabic language is an advantage.

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IT support and Networking (Dubai)

Job Description

Network support engineers ascertain user needs and system requirements in order to design, monitor, and maintain computer networks. Engineers may begin by gathering data on systems, routers, and other hardware. In this stage, engineers may also be responsible for budgeting, including estimating costs of materials and labor as well as anticipating potential future expenses. Next, these professionals may configure networks, remote access systems, computers, and periphery equipment, including faxes, copiers, and scanners into one system. Once the system is running, engineers monitor system performance to ensure that demands are being met.

Job Duties

Aside from setting up systems, network support engineers also monitor and maintain computer systems. This may include troubleshooting wide area networks, servers and routers, local area networks, and switches. Additionally, these professionals may install or upgrade software and hardware. Other duties are responding to technical inquiries, logging service and repair, creating manuals and guides, and training clients, staff, and associates.

Education qualification

Bachelor’s degree in computer science and certification in Network


4 to 5 years UAE experience in IT support and networking required

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IT Support Specialist (Al Ain)

Novomed Centers is urgently hiring for an IT Support Specialist for its multi-specialty medical center in Al Ain.

Job Summary:

The position is responsible for first level problem determination, problem/incident recording resolution and problem escalation.

Deployment and maintenance of desktop/laptop hardware and software, online software, peripheral devices including printers, copiers, scanners, phones and handheld devices.

ERP / EMR implementation, support, and provision of training to end-users.

Required Skills:

  • Technical helpdesk or technical call center experience is necessary.
  • Disciplined, systematic problem-solving skills required.
  • Work experience on the following:


  • Healthcare industry
  • ERP / EMR implementation and support
  • Windows Operating systems
  • Clients: Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
  • Servers: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008,
  • Active Directory
  • SharePoint
  • Tally


  • User account creation for Active Directory, Mailboxes, Distribution lists
  • Remote desktop connectivity applications
  • MS Office Suite: MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Outlook, MS Project, and MS Visio
  • Office 365
  • Windows 10
  • Internet browsers (e.g. Explorer, Chrome, Firefox),
  • VPN and remote dial-in users
  • Support for laptop, desktops, and printers
  • Others: Adobe Acrobat and other common desktop applications like Winzip, etc
  • Fluency in written & spoken English
  • Holder of a valid driving license
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