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Clinical Dietitian & Head of Nutrition and Dietetics

Lea Zibiane


Clinical Dietitian & Head of Nutrition and Dietetics

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Lea is an outstanding dietitian with 15 years of experience. She specializes in the assessment of patients with acute diseases such as diabetes, liver and kidney failure and heart disease in addition to developing diet plans for weight loss.

Lea focuses on:

  • Consulting, following-up and supervising patients pre and post weight loss surgery
  • Administering and preparing personalized dietary plans/ weight management programs to adopt a healthier lifestyle for patients suffering from metabolic syndrome
  • Educating children and teenagers on healthy eating habits
  • Assisting in setting dietary goals and monitoring progress
  • Designing a customized program according to the patient’s weight, height, age and gender
  • Conducting a well-balanced diet for patients with metabolic syndrome
  • Recommending liquid, pureed, soft and weight-reducing diets for gastric band and balloon patients
  • Counseling with pregnant women about nutritional needs and benefits of breastfeeding
  • Behavioral Counselling
  • Clinical Nutrition & Dietetic
  • Comprehensive Review of Eating Habits
  • Healthy Eating Programs For Patients Suffering From Eating Disorders
  • Healthy Eating Programs For Pregnant & Lactating Woman
  • Helps Bariatric Patients Change Their Eating Habits & Lifestyle

Hospital Hotel Dieu De France

Saint Joseph University
Bachelor of Science