What We Treat

Dedicated to prevention, early diagnoses, and healthier aging

Our bodies work hard for us every day. We may not always realize it, but daily life’s bumps and grinds can take their toll. Just like your car has its annual service to ensure it’s roadworthy and detect any problems early on, your body deserves the same attention and care. At Novomed, we recommend a full-body checkup yearly to keep you fit and on the right track.

Here at Novomed, we provide personalized health check-up packages that include advanced and comprehensive tests that highlight ways in which you can improve your overall health. Our team of experienced and friendly doctors is committed to providing expert advice and support, giving you the help you need to make positive diet, fitness, and lifestyle changes. We’re always on hand to provide advice and follow-up after health check-ups.

Experienced multidisciplinary team of doctors conducts private health check-ups at our clinics to assess critical markers related to your overall health. It includes specialized examinations and investigations of the heart, liver, and kidney. We also check for other clinical markers like stroke risks, different types of cancer, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, cholesterol, lung and respiratory disorders, chronic inflammation, cirrhosis and kidney failure.

Many conditions are symptomless during their early stages, and with timely intervention, they can be managed effectively or even resolved with early and specific attention. Evaluating the areas that require improvement might prevent complications in the future by giving you the necessary knowledge and motivation. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.