Respect the natural forces of healing through mind-body medicine

For too long now, the answer to illness has been to simply take a pill. In other words, this means treating the symptoms but ignoring the root causes. We adopt a disciplined approach to establish the cause of disease, a correct lifestyle approach is introduced and monitored for progress. This ranges from sound nutritional assessment by measuring your vitamin and nutrient levels, identifying food allergies, your genetic make up and so much more.

Novomed Integrative Medicine has two goals

The first is to discover disease at the earliest possible stage, should it exist. The second is to provide a clear and measurable road map for clients to follow so that they move towards optimal well being, and remain vibrant for years to come.

  • Establishing the root cause

    To understand how to manage, cure, or reverse illness, it’s vital to understand what is causing it. For example, prescribing a pill for high blood pressure may arrest the immediate symptoms, but it does nothing to tackle the underlying problem. At Novomed Integrative Medicine, our panel of experts utilize a safe and effective integrated approach to manage the fundamental reasons for poor health, instead of simply fixing the symptoms.

  • Taking a ‘whole person’ approach

    Health, particularly poor health, develops within the context of a person’s life, which is why our health programs take a person’s entire lifestyle into account when seeking to promote and maintain optimal well being. Results-oriented lifestyle consulting covers everything from diet and nutrition to stress management, as well as mind-body vitality, and reflects our proven commitment to guiding clients to achieve and maintain vibrant wellness.

  • Natural therapies whenever possible

    One of the most damaging elements of the broken Western healthcare model is its tendency to over-prescribe multiple drugs. While pharmaceuticals certainly yield positive results for some conditions, they should never be the only solution. Ideally, they should only be used temporarily until the root cause of the condition is identified and addressed. Novomed Integrative Medicine takes a ‘natural first’ approach to healthcare that encompasses nutraceuticals, natural hormones, detoxification, a low carbohydrate Paleo Diet and other safe and effective non-invasive therapies.

Where good health begins

The pursuit of peak condition should begin long before any signs of illness are manifested. Pursuing optimal wellbeing should begin while we are still healthy. That’s why our programs are focused on the preservation of good health to address the spectrum of entirely avoidable chronic health conditions that Western society is struggling with in the 21st century. The main roadblock here is cardio-metabolic disease, which includes diabetes, heart and cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance and obesity.

Even though medications are prescribed where necessary, when dealing with chronically ill clients, our goal is to reverse and even eliminate the disease by using a ‘whole person’ strategy. In taking a strong proactive approach to healthcare, we create personalized, predictive and preventive solutions that place our clients in control of managing and optimizing their wellness together with their doctor and lifestyle coach.


NOVOMED Integrative Medicine’s programs are created to work with nature’s inner healing mechanisms to reduce inflammation and decelerate aging.