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Novomed Covid Rehab Hospital

For many affected with COVID-19, returning home and resuming life may be harder than anticipated. Many patients who are recovering from COVID-19 will continue to face physical, cognitive, or mental health problems.

Who is eligible?

Patients who had covid19 and recovered  or those  have been discharged from the hospital and  are experiencing symptoms related to their illness.

What symptoms do we address?

Post covid symptoms are variable and include :

Symptoms to address
Respiratory Symptoms

from mild  cough, difficulty of breathing , chest pain , weak  respiratory effort, to post covid lung fibrosis and need for home oxygen therapy  (breathing clinic and oxygen clinic )

Sleep Disturbances

(insomnia, breathing difficulties ) (sleep clinic )

Functional Impairment

weakness and balance problems, musculoskeletal pain or contractures, deconditioning(physiotherapy and rehab clinic ) , speech impairment post mechanical ventilation and tracheostomy (speech therapist )

Mental Health Problems

(fatigue, anxiety , depression , post traumatic distress syndrome covid grieving , and phobia)

Chronic Fatigue

Headache , brain fogs , low energy and post covid low energy (naturopathic medicine, anti-inflammatory diet )

Care and Services
We will provide a number of services based on each patient’s individual need. Our physician-led team consists of pulmonologist (breathing specialist ), sleep specialist , physiatrists and psychologist , physical therapists ,speech language therapist and naturopathic therapist

All services can be provided online Via Tele Health based on patient preference

  • Patients will have an initial online consultation with the specialist to assess the problem (will be advised if needed to visit the clinic )
  • Physical therapists will conduct virtual video evaluations and design an individualized, home-based exercise program to address the patient’s musculoskeletal, and neurologic impairments.
  • Speech language specialist will be offered via virtual video sessions to provide assistance with swallowing and cognitive impairments.
  • Translator services are available for non-English speaking patients.
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