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What Is a Dental Bridge?

When you have a gap due to one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge can help fill the space to create a more complete smile. They are often made up of two or more crowns that are attached to the teeth on either side of the gap. However, there are several types of bridges that can be used for different reasons. Depending on your individual needs, your dentist may recommend a specific type of bridge. Here we explain three different types of bridges and why each may be recommended.

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional Bridge – Held in place by dental crowns that are cemented to the teeth on either side of a gap, traditional dental bridges can be used when you have natural teeth on both sides of the gap.

Maryland Bridge – Also requiring two natural teeth, or abutment teeth, on either side of a gap, the Maryland bridge uses a framework of either metal or porcelain that is bonded onto the backs of the abutment teeth instead of using crowns to hold the bridge in place.

Implant-Supported Bridge – With dental implants as the framework, implant-supported bridges are made of porcelain and remain securely in place. Typically, one implant is inserted into the gum line for each missing tooth. These bridges are considered the strongest and most stable tooth replacement system because they provide a sturdy, supportive structure for eating and chewing.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

In addition to providing a solid structure for biting and chewing, dental bridges help fill in gaps left by damaged or missing teeth. Some benefits of dental bridges include:

  • Replaces missing teeth
  • Restores the function of your teeth
  • Helps prevent shifting of teeth due to gaps


Whether you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants and bridges can help restore your ability to talk, bite, and chew. They can also help improve your self-esteem and give you back your smile. Our goal is to help you get the smile you deserve. For more information or to schedule a consultation today.

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