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Periodontal Surgery – Gum Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

Do you ever smile with your mouth closed because you feel self-conscious about gummy teeth or an uneven gum line? Everyone deserves to feel confident in his or her appearance. Unfortunately, as we age, the appearance of our gums change. As a result, some people feel self-conscious when they smile or speak. If this sounds like something you experience, dental crown lengthening, gum graft surgery, or ridge augmentation may be right for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Gummy smile or uneven gum line

If you feel that your smile is too gummy, making your teeth look too short, or only some of your teeth look too short while the rest of your teeth look fine, dental crown lengthening may be right for you. During this procedure, a periodontal surgery specialist will expose more of your teeth’s crowns by removing excess gum tissue. Afterwards, your gum line will be re-contoured and sculpted to give your mouth the perfect look.

Exposed roots and long teeth

Gum graft surgery is used to make you look younger by repairing recessed gums which expose the roots of your teeth and make your teeth look long. There are many causes of exposed roots with the most common being various periodontal diseases. Other common causes include using the wrong kind of toothbrush and injury.

Indentations in the jawbone and gums

Ridge augmentation is used to correct indentations in the gums and jawbone. This happens after you lose a tooth due to age, injury, or some other factor. When your jawbone is no longer holding a tooth in place, it recedes, causing an unnatural looking indention and replacement teeth look exceptionally long next to adjacent teeth.

Ridge augmentation restores the natural contour of your jaw and gums by filling in the indentation. This allows your replacement teeth to look natural. They are also easier to clean and keep beautiful so you can once again enjoy a stunning smile.

Dental crown lengthening improves the aesthetic of your smile by correcting an uneven smile line. It is also ideal for broken teeth that have broken near the gum line. If you break a tooth beneath the gum line and opt for dental crown lengthening, you will not need to have the tooth removed and replaced with an artificial tooth.

Benefits of periodontal procedures in Dubai

There are many benefits to periodontal cosmetic surgery. Soft tissue grafts for exposed roots mitigate the progressive recession of your teeth and bone loss. It also minimizes the sensitivity of your teeth so you can enjoy hot and cold food and beverages without pain again.

Furthermore, you can speak and smile with confidence.

Ridge augmentation sets you up for success in future periodontal procedures and mitigates the risk of bone loss after tooth extraction, periodontitis, or other circumstances.

Am I a good candidate?

During your initial consultation for a periodontal procedure in Dubai, a specialist will advise you which procedure is right for you.

Indications that you might be a good candidate for periodontal surgery include:

  • Feeling self-conscious about your smile
  • Receding gums
  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Loose teeth


If you think periodontal surgery is right for you, it is critical that you practice good oral hygiene such as brushing your teeth three times a day and flossing at least once a day.


With extensive experience and training, we have dentists who specialize in cosmetic, implant and general dentistry. If you think periodontal plastic surgery is a good fit for you, fill in the form below to schedule your initial consultation for a periodontal procedure in Dubai today.

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