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Have you been searching for a safe, accurate procedure that is clinically proven to improve the appearance of dimple cellulite? There are several massage techniques, expensive creams and surgical procedures which require significant downtime, but here at Novomed Centers, we have a better solution for you. We are proud to introduce Cellfina, the safest, longest lasting, FDA-approved procedure for dimple cellulite reduction.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition caused by fat deposits pushing through the connective tissue beneath the skin, resulting in a dimpled or lumpy appearance. It typically affects the buttocks and thighs, although it can also affect other parts of the body. Although cellulite is not a medical condition, it can cause many people to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about how their skin looks or when wearing certain clothes.

What is Cellfina Cellulite Treatment and How Does it Work?

Cellfina is FOR Women who take care of themselves and are fighting cellulite, but feel frustrated by the lack of results. CELLFINA® IS THE ONLY One-time medical aesthetic procedure for cellulite dimples that actually works SO THAT they can get rid of their scepticism, take control, and say yes to the last treatment they’ll ever need for their dimples. BECAUSE CELLFINA treats the cause of cellulite, not just the symptom; strengthening their self-assurance.

The Cellfina system works by treating the primary structural cause of cellulite. This cause is the connective bands which weave between the fat in the rear and thighs. These tight connective bands pull the skin down, resulting in the noticeable puckering on the skin’s surface. Like a rubber band released from tension, the treated skin will bounce back and smooth itself out.

What To Expect During Treatment?

Before receiving Cellfina treatment, you will consult with our board-certified dermatologists and discuss your medical history, any drugs you are taking, and your expectations for the treatment during this appointment. In addition, the physician will evaluate your skin to see if Cellfina is the best treatment option for you.

The Cellfina procedure is performed under local anesthetic, which numbs the treatment area before the procedure. This helps in reducing discomfort and pain throughout the process.

The Cellfina machine is a small, handheld device that utilizes micro blades to break the fibrous bands responsible for cellulite’s appearance. A tiny incision will be made on the buttocks or thighs in the treatment area. This incision helps Cellfina to be inserted beneath the skin.

Once the Cellfina device is in place, the micro blades are used to cut the fibrous bands responsible for the dimpled appearance of the skin.

Recovery After Cellfina Procedure

Cellfina is a procedure that does not require surgery or general anaesthesia, and downtime is minimal. Typically, patients can drive home and resume regular activities within 24 to 48 hours. Exercise can be resumed within 1 to 2 weeks, as advised by your doctor.

After the procedure, your doctor may recommend special clothing or precautions, such as compressive garments and sun avoidance. Any discomfort or swelling can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. It is essential to contact your doctor immediately if you experience any concerning symptoms, such as itching, pus or draining, severe pain, or changes in skin colour.

What are the Benefits of Cellfina Treatment?

  • Minimally Invasive

Cellfina is a minimally invasive technique that involves a minor incision and local anaesthetic. This implies that the surgery is less traumatic and quicker to recover than intrusive procedures.

  • Long-Lasting Results

Cellfina has been shown to deliver long-lasting results, with many patients noticing improvement up to three years after the surgery.

  • Fast Treatment

Cellfina is a relatively quick treatment, requiring roughly an hour to complete on average. This makes it a practical option for busy patients.

  • High Patient Satisfaction

Several patients express great levels of satisfaction with Cellfina’s effects, with some even describing it as life-altering.

  • Improved Self-Confidence

Cellfina can help patients feel more secure and at ease in their own skin by eliminating the appearance of cellulite.

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Am I a good candidate?

Nearly every man or woman who wish to reduce the appearance of resistant cellulite dimples on the buttocks or thighs is an ideal candidate. Patients are usually between the ages of 20 and 30, have a stable weight and have minimal skin laxity, or looseness. Speak to your physician during your initial consultation do determine if this FDA-approved procedure is right for you and what results you can expect.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

It takes only one 45-minute treatment session to drastically improve the appearance of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

How quickly will I see results?

Studies have shown that patient satisfaction was 85% at three months, 94% at one year, 96% at two years and 93% at three years. These patient satisfaction rates are higher than current leading cellulite treatments.

Is there any cutting involved?

There is neither general anaesthesia nor an operating room involved with Cellfina treatments. Dimple release is made using a needle-sized device used to treat the bands immediately under the skin’s surface which cause cellulite to occur.

Will I Need to Take Time Off of Work?

There is no significant downtime associated with Cellfina. You will not need to take any time off of work if you do not want to.

How Much can I Expect to Pay?

Cellfina treatment is extremely personalized, so the best way to get an accurate quote is to discuss your goals with your physician during your initial consultation.

Are There any Side Effects?

Studies have shown that there are no serious adverse effects associated with Cellfina.

Will This Procedure Hurt?

Although no general anesthesia is involved, the treated area is numbed before the procedure hence minimal pain is experienced.

Will Weight Fluctuations Effect Results?

Neither gaining nor losing weight will affect the results of your Cellfina procedure. This is because Cellfina treats the root cause of cellulite by treating the underlying structure. However, if you gain a significant amount of weight after your procedure, you may find more dimples

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