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Hip Dips Filler (Hip Dips Augmentation) in Dubai

Do you want to have an hourglass figure and a smoother appearance? At Novomed, we can provide hip fillers to give you a little extra contouring.

Hip dips are naturally accruing depressions below the hip bone. The width of your hips and the distribution of your fat across your hip area and over your muscles can affect whether your hip dips appear or not.

You can improve this appearance with dieting and exercising, but that will not guarantee to provide you with the result you want.

How does it work?

Hip dips augmentation involves injecting filler into the hip dips using a blunt, thin-walled cannula to thicken the skin. This effective treatment can help you achieve the desired look, and we are highly skilled at producing optimal results that deliver firmer and more volumized hips.

The procedure is safe and non-invasive with virtually no downtime. Treatment is painless since the dermatologist will numb the treatment area before gently inserting the filler into the fat layers of the skin. The treatment session takes around 1-2 hours to complete and provides instant results.

Result and aftercare

We recommend wearing a compressing garment for 48 hours post-treatment until the filler settles, and you should avoid going in the sun or using a Sauna for at least one week post-treatment.

You may experience some bruising and redness at the injection points after the procedure, but this will fade after 7-10 days, leaving you with a contoured appearance that will last for up to two years before the filler naturally dissolves.

Advantages of Sculptra Hip Dips Treatment

  • Requires no anesthetic injections
  • Effective treatment to improve the hip contours
  • Subtle, gradual, and natural-looking results
  • No interruption to the patient’s daily life
  • Provides lift and volume to either hollow or flat hip area


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