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Russian Lip Filler in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Russian Lip filler is a unique technique that gives the center of the lips a subtle heart shape. This technique differs from traditional lip fillers because it tends to lift the lip rather than add volume and make it look flatter rather than plumb, which results in a more natural result.

How does Russian Lip Filler work?

While traditional lip fillers are injected from the lip border, the Russian Lip filler technique involves injecting tiny droplets of filler at the base of the lip to widen and lift it.

Our specialist uses a small syringe to allow a better control the filler and prevent it from spreading to unwanted areas to help create the intended heart shape. Russian Lip Filler technique may take longer than traditional lip filler, but the result is totally worth it.

Am I a suitable candidate for this technique?

The ideal candidate for this technique is someone who hasn’t had any lip fillers before. However, if you have had a lip filler done before, it will need to be dissolved before your appointment.

Before any treatment, our specialist will help you choose the procedure that suits your face, lip size and cosmetic needs.

How long does this procedure take?

Russian Lip Filler takes from 30 to 45 minutes.

Creating the signature heart shape requires almost double the time needed for standard lip filler techniques. Injecting tiny amounts of filler between the lip tissue takes time but will result in a smooth and subtle result.

The artistic precision of our specialists enables them to provide seamless results.

Is this procedure painful?

Because the filler is injected in the base of the lip instead of the border, pain is significantly minimized. However, since the Russian Lip Filler is done through multiple injections using a small needle, bruising may be more noticeable compared to traditional filler, but this will resolve within a short period after the procedure.

How long does this effect of this procedure last?

Russian Lip Filler lasts between 9-12 months, which is the same amount of time as a traditional lip filler. Regular top-ups are recommended to ensure maintaining the desired shape.

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