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Ear Reshaping in Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain

Otoplasty, often referred to as ear correction surgery or pinnaplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the appearance or structure of the ear (auricle). Ear reshaping surgery can adjust the shape, size, and position of the ears combined with limiting how much they point out, generally referred to as pinning back.

Types of otoplasty

Surgeons may perform otoplasty to restore injured ears, reshape excessively big or small ears, and treat inherited ear abnormalities. Types of ear Reshaping include:

  • Ear augmentation: A treatment that can be utilized to enlarge the size of the outer ear. People with small ears or ears that haven’t fully matured may consider this operation.
  • Ear pinning: This procedure includes pulling the ears back towards the head. It is performed on those whose ears bulge from the sides of their heads.
  • Ear reduction: Macrotia is a condition in which the size of one’s ears is abnormally big. Patients with macrotia may choose to get ear reduction surgery that may also include earlobe reduction.

Who can benefit from this surgery?

Ear reshaping can be a good option for individuals with abnormally large ears, protruding ears, or patients who wish to rectify a previous surgery. Otoplasty can be suitable for children if they have sufficiently stable ear cartilage.

You may be eligible for an ear reshaping surgery if:

  • You have macrotia – a medical condition that causes oversized ears.
  • Your ears are sticking out the sides of your head in varying degrees.
  • You wish to rectify an asymmetrical ear shape due to an accident or a birth defect.

How to prepare for ear surgery?

Our expert plastic surgeons at Novomed will evaluate your medical history during your first consultation. Your doctor will check the medications you are taking or have recently used and any procedures you have undergone.

The surgeon might also perform a physical exam to identify the suitable approach to treatment, including examining your ears’ placement, size, shape, and symmetry.

You may be instructed to stop using blood thinning or anti-inflammatory prescriptions to avoid bleeding risks during surgery. Furthermore, smoking reduces blood flow in the body, which can slow your recovery. If you are a smoker, your physician will advise you to quit before surgery and during recovery.

What to expect during surgery?

Otoplasty may be performed under local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia. The surgery usually takes around two hours and can be performed as an outpatient or in a hospital setting.

Ear reshaping surgery can be performed with a few permanent stitches that push the ears back to the head. Other alternatives involve cutting and sculpting the ear cartilage before suturing to get the appropriate shape and position. Scars are typically hidden behind the ear, or within the ear folds, so they won’t be visible.

Otoplasty surgery recovery and result

For the first several days post-operation, you will have bandages on your ears. These bandage wraps will protect the surgery site and provide support for your ears.

Your ears are expected to be red and swollen immediately following surgery. The redness and swelling should subside as you heal. You may also experience some pain or itching but refrain from scratching or rubbing your ears to prevent irritating the surgery site.

Additionally, you will be instructed not to sleep on your side or apply pressure on your ears for at least a week. After removing your bandages, you will be required to wear a headband at night for many weeks to protect the skin and stabilize the position of your ears.

In most cases, complete recovery takes approximately six weeks. Many of your typical activities can be doable before the end of that period, but they must be performed gradually with caution.

Despite the slight swelling that will be present following surgery, the improvement in the shape and position of your ears is instantly noticeable after the dressings are removed. The new appearance of your ears will be evident after three weeks when the swelling has subsided.

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