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Novomed Hair Clinic is one of the UAE’s leading hair transplant clinics for both men and women. Our doctors are experts in the most advanced FUE techniques, and we are working hard to change attitudes and perceptions of hair transplants.

Novomed Hair Clinic team is made up of highly experienced, specialist doctors who are all experts in hair transplantation and they use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques to provide the best possible results that our patients can trust. Doctors, not nurses, perform hair transplants at Novomed Hair Clinic, safeguarding individual hairs and taking care of the donor area.

Hair loss treatment is more common than what many people think, and it affects men and women alike. We understand the long process of decision-making that goes into committing to an aesthetic procedure. Our team is understanding and informative to help you achieve your desired look wherever possible. We are proud that our hair transplants have been a successful and transformative experience for so many patients.

Whether you need a hair transplant in your scalp eyebrow, mustache or beard, our modern hair transplant procedures can help you get the result that you want and boost your confidence.

Based in Dubai, our hair clinic is a leading facility, renowned for its surgeons’ outstanding results that have helped change the lives of many men and women suffering from hair loss. We use the advanced FUE technique which is a revolutionary hair loss treatment in comparison to older transplant techniques such as strip surgery.

Moreover, Novomed Hair Clinic provide patients with many solutions to prevent hair loss. Our doctors conduct the necessary examinations to determine the causes of hair loss and the appropriate treatment for each patient. The types of treatments available at Novomed Hair Clinic vary from shampoos, medicines, and non-surgical techniques such as mesotherapy, platelet-rich plasma and laser therapy.

Do not allow hair loss to be a source of stress or constant concern, especially when you are still young. We are dedicated to ensuring all our patients are receiving treatment that suits their needs and that they understand the process they are signing on for. During the consultation, our doctors will answer your question and discuss your concerns, and work to understand your desired results.

We believe that each case of hair loss is unique, and every patient’s goals are personal. Hair loss treatments are advised once hair loss has stabilised. Book your hair transplant consultation to discuss your eligibility and the treatment options available.

During your consultation, our team will discuss hair restoration options with you based on your situation, whether it is a receding hairline, bald patches or general hair thinning. We will then be able to work with you to plan your procedure and discuss the number of hair follicles we can transplant based on your donor area. By the end of your consultation, you will know what kind of results you can expect.

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