What We Treat

Immunology Clinic

Novomed Immunology Department delivers cutting-edge, evidence-based care to diagnose and treat all allergies and immunological illnesses. Our board-certified immunologists utilize the most advanced diagnostic tests to create individualized treatment plans that enable patients to manage their allergies and immunologic illnesses effectively.

Our allergy and immunology division specializes in allergic diseases, such as food allergy, asthma and environmental allergens, as well as immunodeficiency disorders.

Conditions we treat:

Allergic asthma

Allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

Allergic conjunctivitis (eye allergies)

Food allergies

Acute and chronic urticaria

Atopic and contact dermatitis (eczema)

Hereditary Angioedema (swelling under the skin)

Allergies to medications, insect bites, latex, and other materials

Anaphylaxis (extreme/severe allergic reaction)

Sinus problems and nasal polyposis

Immune deficiencies

Mastocytosis and mast cell disorders

Eosinophilic disorders

Our Immunology Services

Novomed Immunology Department offers children and adults of all ages professional Consultation, Diagnosis, and Treatment services. Since each case is unique, your care at Novomed will be comprehensive and personalized and may include numerous subspecialties, whether your illness is simple, complex, or highly rare.

Our services include:

Allergy skin testing (immediate hypersensitivity)

Allergen immunotherapy (desensitization) – injectable and non-injectable

Patch testing (delayed hypersensitivity)

Pulmonary function testing

Screening and treatment of food, drug, environmental allergens (hay fever), and insect allergies

Immune system defects diagnosis

Biologics administration for nasal polyposis asthma, chronic urticaria, and eczema

Book an appointment with our Allergy and Immunology Experts by calling 8006686 or using our online booking form for immediate relief and effective treatment of your symptoms. We also provide virtual consultation (telehealth), allowing patients to get expert care from the comfort of their own homes!

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