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Detoxification – the Cornerstone of Preventative Health

At Novomed Integrative Medicine, we believe that poor health is not an isolated issue. The best way to prevent or eradicate disease is to focus on optimal and holistic well-being, rather than simply to react when the symptoms of disease appear.

Pollutants, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals and industrial waste weaken our immune systems and make us gain weight, lose energy and age prematurely. Lead, mercury and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals lead to chronic fatigue by interfering with the thyroid function. Routine thyroid tests do not always reveal the problem. It’s no wonder chronic fatigue is the primary medical complaint in the world today. Endocrine disruptors can also lead to memory loss, Parkinson’s and autoimmune diseases.

Supporting Your Body

No government in the world takes into account the synergistic poisonous effects of so called ‘safe levels’ of commercial toxins. For example, out of some 85,000 chemicals permitted for commercial use in the US, only 2% have been tested for safety. While your food is the number-one source of contamination, plastic softeners, perfumes and AC ducts, not to mention the air you breathe are also important factors.

Detoxing assists and improves your body’s own natural detoxification systems. In order to create a personalized detox program for you, our physicians will begin by measuring your toxicity levels with sophisticated electronic devices. The cleanse they recommend could involve anything from simple dietary changes, to short fasts. Specific botanicals, nutrients and intravenous (IV) therapies can be prescribed. If necessary, chelation therapy can safely eliminate heavy metals from your blood. To discuss a personalized detox program, make an appointment with naturopathic physicians Dr Heather Eade or Dr Astrid Boecklemann or with our doctor of internal medicine, Dr Mark Janowski all at Dubai’s Marina Plaza.

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