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Dry Needling in Dubai


Dry needling is a procedure that involves inserting fine needles in specific trigger points to relieve pain and encourage healing. It is a safe, minimally discomforting, and effective technique that stimulates the brain and nervous system to release pain-relieving chemicals and promote the body’s natural healing process, essential in treating chronic and acute musculoskeletal disorders.

At Novomed, dry needling is one of the techniques performed by our skilled and trained physiotherapists to assist with muscle pain, and they usually use it in combination with other techniques, including massage, manual therapy, and exercise prescription.

What does the treatment involve?

A trigger point or tight band in the muscle fiber can restrict the range of motion, disrupt function, and cause pain and tenderness.

Dry needling involves the insertion and immediate removal of sterile, single-use, fine needles into the muscles’ trigger points to release myofascial trigger points, which help relieve muscles pain and improve function.

How does the treatment work?

When the therapist applies dry needling to a trigger point, it stimulates the muscle and alters the nervous system activity around it to help decrease tightness, increase blood flow, and reduce local and referred pain.

Dry needling is often used with other treatments such as exercise, physiotherapy, and heat therapy to enhance the range of motion in muscles that are restricted due to scar tissue or muscle tightness. Dry needling can also be beneficial in treating the following conditions:

  • Joint pain
  • Disk issues
  • Tendinitis
  • Migraine and tension headaches
  • Jaw and mouth disorders (temporomandibular joint disorders or TMD)
  • Whiplash
  • Repetitive motion disorders (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Spinal problems
  • Pelvic pain
  • Night cramps
  • Phantom pain
  • Post-herpetic neuralgia (pain left behind by shingles)


What to expect during a dry needling session?

During a treatment session, you will lay down in a relaxed, comfortable position that enables the therapist to see and treat the affected area. After locating the “knot” or trigger point, the therapist will gently push the needle into the affected area.

You’re likely to feel a mild pinching or stinging as the needle is inserted and withdrawn during a dry needling treatment. However, this discomfort should not persist for more than a second. During treatment, you might also experience a slight muscular twitch when the needle is put into a myofascial trigger point.

Moreover, you might continue to feel heaviness or a dull soreness near or far from where the needle is inserted, which is expected after reliving knots from trigger points.

What are the benefits of dry needling?

  • Relieves pain and muscle tightness

Targeting trigger points to relieve pain is what makes dry needling a successful treatment for specific parts of the body! Dry needling helps in reducing tension, inflammation, toxins, and pressure from strained muscles. Most patients report immediate pain relief and improved mobility after the first session.

  • Improves range of motion

Dry needling may help in improving mobility and range of motion as it releases myofascial trigger points and relieves muscular tightness and tension

This treatment may be useful for treating injuries caused by overuse or improper technique. A cricket bowler, for instance, may develop tension or a myofascial trigger point in their dominant bowling arm as a result of repeated and intense use of those muscles. Dry needling may aid in relaxing the area, enhancing range of motion, and improving performance.

  • Speeds up recovery

The worst and most time-consuming aspect of any injury is the rehabilitation process. Some injuries demand longer recuperation times than others, but we are all eager to regain our full strength! Dry needling accelerates the healing process compared to other treatment alternatives, as patients have reported faster pain alleviation and enhanced mobility.

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What does dry needling feel like?

The needles used in this treatment are not sharp like ones used to draw blood, making the insertion past the skin and into the muscle quite painless. You may feel a very brief sensation of pressure or cramping within the muscles. The level of discomfort can be adjusted by the therapist to suit your personal preference.

How many sessions will I need?

You may need up to 6 sessions to eliminate the trigger point, with no more than 2 sessions per week. Relief usually lasts for 3-4 days after the first treatment session, and it will last longer following each session.

What is the difference between dry needling and acupuncture?

The only thing in common between dry needling and acupuncture is that they use similar tools, but that’s where the similarities end.

Dry needling is rooted in Western medicine and is performed by different practitioners with different training and targets specific anatomy and penetrates injured tissue directly.

Acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese medicine and focuses on targeting energy channels (meridians) and specific acupuncture points influencing Qi.

Can dry needling help my migraines?

Dry needling is a quick and effective approach to relieve headaches and tension near the skull base. If your headaches are triggered by neck stress or begin at the skull base, you may want to consider dry needling as an option.

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