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Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses hypnosis to strengthen your focus and relaxation to help cure particular symptoms or medical issues. While in hypnosis, you are guided into this intense level of concentration, calmness, and awareness (a trance-like state) by a skilled and qualified hypnotherapist using vocal repetition and visual imagery. This high degree of attention and focus during hypnotherapy enables you to block out everyday distractions and be more receptive to ideas for making healthy changes in your perceptions, emotions, memories, and behaviors. You can use hypnosis to manage your pain, treat anxiety disorders, or help you take control of undesirable habits, such as overeating or smoking.

What are the uses of hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can be used on its own or with other types of psychiatric or medical treatment to treat various conditions, including:

  • Insomnia
  • Phobias and fears
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Pain management (including for headaches, cancer, burns, fibromyalgia, and childbirth)
  • Bad habits (including overeating, smoking, teeth grinding, and bedwetting)
  • Loss and grief
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms (ADHD)


What to expect during hypnotherapy?

Before starting your session, the therapist will review your medical history to ensure you are suitable for hypnotherapy. Hypnosis doesn’t require any specific preparation on your part. However, you will need to get enough sleep the night before the hypnotherapy session to avoid nodding off.

Our therapist will review your therapy objectives and use hypnosis to bring about a deep state of focus and concentration. They will often use a calm, soothing voice to convey imagery that induces feelings of comfort, security, and well-being. While you are in this trance-like condition, the therapist will give you guided recommendations to help you reach your therapeutic objectives. They could also work with you to create vivid, meaningful mental pictures of yourself achieving your goals.

Once the session is over, our therapist will awaken you from the trance-like state, or you will do so on your own. Although the trance-like condition you enter resembles sleeping in many ways, you are still fully conscious of everything happening. You won’t lose control of your actions while under hypnosis and will be aware of what transpires when you are hypnotized. Eventually, you might be able to practice self-hypnosis when needed, which involves putting yourself into a trance.

What to expect after hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy’s impact and effectiveness may change depending on the patient and how it is performed. During the trance-like condition, hypnotherapy may plant the seeds of new ideas in your mind, and those changes will quickly take root and flourish. Moreover, hypnotherapy may open the door to more in-depth analysis and acceptance. While it may aid in coping with stress and anxiety-related issues, it may work best in conjunction with medications and first-line therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Why choose Novomed?

Our hypnotherapy specialist offers bespoke therapy plans tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient. She combines a range of evidence-based hypnotherapy approaches as no ‘one size fits all.’

Your therapy session is limited only by your hypnotherapist’s imagination. Thus, our hypnotherapist uses her intuition, creativity, and experience to help you find new ways of looking at things and finding solutions

At Novomed, we aim to always exceed our patients’ expectations and over-deliver on service and experience.

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