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With our modern diet and lifestyle, vitamins and supplements can be an excellent resource to get your health back on track and maintain it at optimal levels. However, over-the-counter preparations are often not only a waste of money, but also counterproductive or, even worse, harmful to your health.

Instead, we use special blood tests to analyze your vitamin and nutritional status, and then prepare a high-quality, carefully controlled formula specifically tailored to your body’s needs. We don’t only give you the exact ingredients you need to help with your condition, but also the exact doses to be effective. We also find the best way for your body to absorb these formulas, whether orally or intravenously, to ensure you are getting exactly what you pay for – an effective, tailored supplement to help you achieve optimal health.

Pitfalls of buying mass-produced supplements

The vitamin and supplement industry is not strictly regulated, which means limited inspection of ingredients and processing. In the US, dietary supplements are viewed as ‘special foods’ rather than medication, and therefore aren’t put through the same stringent tests for effectiveness and safety that drugs are.

Manufactured vitamins and supplements often have misleading labels, and you would need to take numerous pills just to get the dose advertised. In particular, if an ingredient is expensive, chances are the doses will be far too low to be effective.
Some supplements, particularly cheap ones, contain ingredients that aim to keep the pills preserved, but which actually hamper absorption of key ingredients.

Some supplements have been found to be harmful to your health due to contamination with lead, a heavy metal that seriously affects your brain and bones. China is the largest production base for vitamins in the world.

In the case of gut supplements, the ‘good bacteria’ count on the label is often declared ‘at the time of leaving the factory’ and can degenerate significantly during processing and even further when the bottle is opened and the contents are exposed to heat and humidity.
Some patients have a genetic resistance to absorbing certain vitamins or ingredients so standard supplements will have no effect.

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