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Hair Bleaching

Hair Bleaching in Dubai, UAE

Hair bleaching via laser treatment:

This is a type of treatment that targets the patient’s unwanted baby hair or fine hair that cannot be easily removed by other methods. The laser that is used focuses on the melanin in the hair shaft and bleaches it. This process makes the treated hair less visible and eventually causes the hair to fall out after approximately 10 to 15 days. Additionally, there is no risk of hair growth stimulation.

At Novomed, we use this technique as a stand-alone procedure as well as in conjunction with laser hair removal to help provide the patient with smoother skin.

If you are considering this treatment, then it would be wise to keep in mind that there are no major risks involved in the process.

Regular Bleaching vs. Laser Bleaching

Since the dawn of time, people have been bleaching their unwanted hair with different over-the-counter products, including various chemical solutions or creams. Bleaching is considered as an alternative to other traditional methods of hair removal, such as threading and waxing.

However, the regular method of bleaching can be harmful to the skin, and waxing or threading can cause redness, sore skin and involves a certain level of pain and discomfort during the process.

On the other hand, laser bleaching uses advanced lasers that help change the color of the treated hair and does not harm the skin at all. Any hair that is left over, post laser hair removal will be bleached and made less visible through this safe and non-invasive procedure.

What are the Benefits?

Individuals that are interested in concealing their baby or fine hair, have plenty of benefits to look forward to if they pursue this option:

  • It can be used on any type of skin tone: Dark or fair.
  • All body areas can undergo the treatment excluding the eye area.
  • The treatment targets the patient’s baby/fine hair that cannot be targeted with any other laser.
  • Classified as non-invasive, non-surgical, and therefore the safer option compared to other bleaching methods.
  • No side effects at all.
  • Short and simple technique (approximately only 15 minutes) with no downtime.
  • No pain or discomfort.
  • It conceals unwanted baby/fine hair.
  • Quick results.
  • The results look natural.


Safe and effective treatment options:

  • Fotona: Uses laser pulses to target the same area several times during the session. This means that there is a steady increase in the absorption of the laser energy in one’s hair. The treatment is extremely effective, precise, fast, comfortable, and consistent. Also, it is suited to all skin types and does not prompt any irritation, ingrown hair, or infection.
  • RevLite: This is a type of machine that targets hair follicles specifically. It removes the pigment from the hair follicle. The laser is passed over the necessary area a couple of times.
  • IRIS Q Switch: The laser beam that is emitted from this device is evenly distributed and provides an excellent result. The performance is known to be highly efficient and safe.


How long do the results last?

The results are not permanent. After the hair falls out, it will re-grow after 4 to 6 weeks. To achieve the best results possible, recurring sessions should be booked. The texture and quality of the hair will be the same when it regrows. Additional care is not required post-treatment, however, the use of sunscreen is recommended.

If you are looking to efficiently conceal any unwanted fine hair, then this treatment would highly benefit you. Feel free to book an appointment with us online and we will connect you with the appropriate expert. Our team of highly qualified healthcare professionals is always happy and ready to guide you regarding any of your concerns or questions about the treatment.

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