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Mole removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain

Moles are a common type of skin growth caused by clusters of pigmented cells that look like small, dark brown spots. They can appear on any part of the body and can increase in number due to various factors such as genetics, exposure to UV, and hormonal changes.

Most moles are completely harmless, but some of them can turn malignant and pose health risks if not removed. Skin cancer, particularly malignant melanoma, can be detected by monitoring the moles. If you have a mole that increases in size, has irregular borders, or color changes, you should make an appointment with your doctor to have it checked out.

The mole removal procedure can be performed for both medical and cosmetic reasons. That is why if your mole changes size or shape with time, or you want to improve the appearance of your skin, you should make an appointment with one of our board-certified dermatologists to have it checked out.

Am I a suitable candidate for mole removal?

Some people are more likely than others to have malignant moles that develop into melanoma. Having large moles, odd moles, many moles, or a family history of melanoma are all factors that increase your risk of developing melanoma.

A mole removal procedure may be a good option for you if you are unhappy with the appearance of a mole or are concerned that an oddly colored or shaped mole could be cancerous.

What are the benefits of mole removal?

Mole removal can enhance the appearance of your skin and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. Moles can turn malignant, and if not detected early enough, the afflicted cells can migrate to other parts of the body.

Being self-conscious about an unattractive mole might make you feel less attractive and confident, and getting rid of it can help you regain your confidence.

Mole removal is a quick and minimally invasive procedure that can prevent the spread of malignant and pre-cancerous cells and can also be performed to address your cosmetic concerns.

What to expect before mole removal?

Our experienced dermatologist will examine your skin to identify which moles need to be removed. If they notice any suspicious moles, they may take a sample for a biopsy. They will then go over your medical history and ask you when you first noticed the mole and whether it has changed colors, shape, or size with time. The doctor will also describe the mole removal procedure, as well as its benefits and potential outcomes.

What happens during mole removal?

The mole removal procedure takes around 20 minutes. The doctor will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the mole before removing it. To cause the mole to come off, they will either:

  • burn the mole off your skin with an electronic current,
  • freeze the mole with liquid nitrogen,
  • shave the mole off the skin’s surface with a surgical blade,
  • excise the mole by cutting it all out and stitching the incision closed.


After your dermatologist has removed your mole, they will apply a bandage to the treated area and ask you to return in 1 or 2 weeks for a follow-up exam to make sure that the treated area is healing properly.

Our dermatology team takes great care to ensure that all the cells in the mole are removed. Patients must have at least one appointment per year to keep their skin healthy and monitor their moles.

What to expect after mole removal?

The moles that have been removed during this procedure should not return and will leave your skin looking clearer and better. Mole removal requires no downtime, and you will be able to resume your daily activities right away.

Your doctor will ask you to keep the treated area clean and covered with a bandage for 2 days. You may experience slight soreness for a couple of days after the procedure, but it is completely natural and will go away when your skin heals.

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If you want to have clear, healthy skin or are concerned about suspicious moles, you should consider having the mole removal procedure.

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Is mole removal painful?

Mole removal is painless because it is done with a local anesthetic.

Why should I have my mole removed?

In some cases, removal entails the removal of malignant or potentially cancerous moles. Moreover, having a visible mole can make some people self-conscious, and removing it would boost their confidence.

How can I tell if my mole is cancerous?

Moles that change color, size, or shape can potentially become malignant. However, you will not be able to know for sure unless you have it examined by a dermatologist

What are the possible causes of developing moles?

Some of the possible causes of having more moles as you get older are genetics, having fair skin, exposure to UV, pregnancy, or hormonal changes.

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