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LPG Endermologie Treatment in Novomed

Are you looking for an effective way to reduce cellulite and fat quickly in a specific body area? We offer the best LPG treatments in Dubai.

Cellulite treatments tend to be unsuccessful because they only target the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite shows itself as dimplings on the skin surface, giving the orange peel appearance, which caused by alterations to connective tissue bands surrounding the fat in the subcutaneous fat layer of the skin. Since these alterations happen below the skin surface, reducing these bumps and ripples would require a deep acting treatment; LPG Endermologie.

LPG Endermologie is an FDA-approved painless and non-invasive massage system for sagging skin, loss of firmness, cellulite, and areas of localized fat. It is a natural and pleasant technique that gently mobilizes the tissues to boost circulatory exchanges, release stubborn fat, smooth cellulite, improve the skin in the treatment area and provide the ultimate body contouring.

LPG Endermologie stimulates the fibroblasts (firming), breaks down fat accumulation (anti-dimple), and increases fluid exchanges (draining). It uses mechanical rollers to massage and compress fat cells in particular areas, speeding up the fat-burning process known as lipolysis. Exercising regularly while undergoing the treatment can result in quicker results. The LipoMassage technique also encourages the development of elastin and collagen, which are vital for younger-looking skin. A few other plus points of the treatment include:

  • It is completely natural.
  • It is non-surgical and does not require any downtime.
  • It causes no detrimental side effects.


How does Endermologie work?

Endermologie is a machine-assisted massage system. The skin is pulled into a mechanical rolling device and vigorously kneaded to promote lymphatic drainage. Simultaneously, a suction device applies negative pressure to the skin and underlying subcutaneous tissue. The net result is an increase in oxygen and blood flow to cellulite-inflicted areas, and enhanced flow of lymphatic fluids out of the cells. Excess fluid is removed as urine. With repeated sessions the layer of tissue immediately below the skin becomes thicker and more hydrated and, thus, less susceptible to cellulite.

Between 10 and 20 sessions of Endermologie are usually recommended, and for optimum results a healthy lifestyle is encouraged. At your consultation, our highly trained specialists will discuss with you the need to remain well hydrated and eat good, nutritionally balanced meals. Maintaining a healthy weight will maximize the positive effects of your treatment.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

It’s a chemical-free, multi-effect treatment for cellulite reduction, skin firming, and fat reduction in places like the tummy, upper arms, thighs, and buttocks. It is a painless, safe, and effective type of treatment for men and women who want to lose stubborn fat or enhance their body contours without having to undergo invasive surgical procedures. It is also known to improve sleep quality by calming stressed-out muscles.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

  • It decreases the presence of cellulite dimples on the thighs and buttocks.
  • It redefines body contours to achieve a more appealing body shape.
  • It Breaks up fat and removes any extra fluids, which in turn helps you lose weight quicker.
  • It helps tone muscles and firm flabby skin, giving an improved and smoother appearance overall.
  • It relieves muscle stress and improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow, resulting in better sleep and glowing skin.


How long would the results take to appear?

Each session lasts for up to an hour, and the results may start to be noticeable after two to three sessions. But, for long-term results, up to ten sessions are recommended to achieve a noticeably leaner body, firmer skin, and toned physique. You can improve the treatment result by eating a balanced diet and regularly working out to speed up the fat-burning process.

What is cellulite?

Once a symbol of beauty and wealth, it is fair to say that these days cellulite does not have quite the same positive connotations. Considered an affliction and an unwanted symptom of aging, up to 85% of women have noticeable cellulite by the age of 40. Most frequently observed as skin dimpling or irregular lumps across the thighs and buttocks, cellulite is predominantly a female problem. The exact cause remains unknown, however, one possible theory is that it is a way for the body to store excess fat, ensuring adequate stores for times of increased demand, such as during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This would explain why cellulite worsens when estrogen levels are high.

Using effective and scientifically proven LPG treatment, Novomed has helped many patients reshape their bodies and achieve their desired results. If you want to get rid of dimpled thighs or reduce your cellulite and tone your body, call us toll-free on 800 (NOVO) 6686 or click the live chat icon at the bottom of the screen.


What else can it be used for?

This technique is also used following surgery for lymphatic drainage. Many surgical procedures result in some degree of fluid retention or swelling. Endermologie can be used to lessen this painful accumulation. One notable example is following lipoplasty surgery, when Endermologie can be used to redistribute weakly-adhered fat accumulations from directly under the skin to achieve a better overall silhouette.

Why do people opt for this treatment?

People tend to opt for LPG because it’s great for creating a more sculpted body shape and reshaping muffin tops, minimizing a bulging tummy, firming the skin on the thighs and buttocks. It’s a popular choice in Dubai for people who want to lose fat in specific areas and would like to have a more toned and sculpted body overall.

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