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Non-Surgical Chin Lifts in Dubai

Looking for a way to banish that unsightly double chin, without resorting to major surgery? With less pain, a shorter recovery period and fewer side effects, a non-surgical chin lift in Dubai and Al Ain might be just the solution you are looking for.

Unfortunately, with increasing age comes a loss of skin elasticity and a weakening of the muscles in the neck. The outward sign of this is loose skin around the neck, or a double chin. Once upon a time the only solution would have been to have a radical, full surgical face lift. Not anymore. Now, Novomed can offer complete neck rejuvenation, using minimally invasive threads, which not only give an instantly noticeable effect, but also act dynamically over time for a long-lasting improvement.

How does a non-surgical chin lift work?

Absorbable medical sutures, or threads, are inserted into the problem area using a fine needle under local anesthetic. These threads have a unique design, comprising of tiny, evenly spaced barb-like cogs that grasp soft tissue. Once inserted precisely into position, they are fixated under tension, gently lifting and supporting loose, sagging skin. The effect is instantaneous, with skin immediately lifted and held in place. That is not all, however. In the areas where the threads have been inserted, the body senses tissue damage and activates its own healing mechanism. This causes an increase in collagen production, which makes the skin appear firmer, an effect that continues long after the procedure is complete. Additionally, increased blood flow to the area causes enhanced oxygenation of the tissue and brighter, more vibrant skin.

These threads can be used across much of the face where there are signs of aging, including the brows, cheeks and neck. When used in the neck area they also induce cell death, dissolving chin fat and helping to get rid of any undesirable double chins.

Usually between four and sixteen threads are inserted in a single session. The process takes about an hour to complete. The incisions made are tiny, meaning no scarring, and the threads are clear, making them invisible once inserted. The careful positioning means no additional trauma to the skin and, by targeting only very specific areas, the rest of the face remains unaffected.

Who would benefit from having a non-surgical chin lift?

The people who benefit the most from this procedure are those aged between 35 and 55. Those who are just starting to exhibit unwanted signs of aging. It is not only aging that can cause the development of a double chin, sometimes excessive weight gain, or even genetics, can cause a layer of fat to form under the chin. These people might also benefit from this procedure.


Are there any side effects and is the process painful?

There are very few side effects to the procedure; slight bruising and swelling, which will have eased two to three days afterwards. Pain is negligible, and the lack of recovery time has earned this procedure the nickname of ‘lunchtime facelift’.

How long do the effects last?

The dynamic nature of this procedure means that the positive effects are seen for up to two years. The new collagen that is synthesized maintains the lifting effects of the threads, even after they have safely dissolved. Improved microcirculation brightens the skin, and the fat-dissolving properties of the threads, remove fat, even from awkward locations, such as under the chin.

If you want to undergo a procedure that is minimally invasive, with a high degree of patient satisfaction, proven to give long-lasting results and designed to maximize the body’s own repair mechanisms and fat fighting ability, then a non-surgical chin lift might be the solution for you. Make an appointment with our specialist team today and we can discuss your options in more detail.

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