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Q-Switch in Dubai

What is Q-Switch Laser Treatment?

This popular medical-grade facial treatment uses a device also known as Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser. Nd YAG lasers penetrate deep into the skin. These invisible beams of light precisely select pigment (melanin). The laser energy gets absorbed by pigment and fragments within the skin’s tissue, without having any effect on the surrounding skin. The parameters of this high-intensity pulsed beam laser are always calibrated and customized to each individual patient’s case and skin condition. The number of sessions needed is subject to the desired result and the current state of the patient’s skin. Beginning with a skin examination with either a dermatologist or a licensed Beautician is the first step to finding the best and most accurate treatment plan.

Who is the Right Candidate?

The ideal candidate understands the importance of wearing sunscreen daily, especially in Dubai’s consistently sunny weather. Sunscreen is important for all patients as it can decrease the risk of premature aging of the skin. The best part about this device is that it is suitable for all skin types, however, the treatment is not safe for patients that have been taking Accutane (Isotretinoin) in the last 6 months. Patients that are pregnant and breastfeeding will also be recommended to seek advice from one of our Specialists as to when it is safe to resume treatments that involve lasers. You may consider Q-Switch in Dubai if:

  • You feel insecure about your skin without makeup.
  • You have tried various products and they are not improving your skin.
  • You have a dull complexion.
  • Your pores are noticeable.
  • You have pimples and frequent breakouts that cause dark spots.
  • You desire a more youthful, and brighter complexion.


Benefits You Can Count On

There are many benefits of this treatment, and the greatest benefit is that this very particular laser can target a unique variety of very specific needs of the patient. Aside from eliminating pigmentation (melasma) and brightening a dull complexion, Q-Switch is also used to:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Deeply cleanse clogged pores, allowing pores to close.
  • Tighten the skin (mild signs of skin laxity).
  • Remove freckles and birthmarks.
  • Eliminate sunspots.
  • Create an even complexion by eradicating dead skin cells.
  • Smoothen the skin’s surface.
  • Remove acne scars and eliminate pimples.
  • Remove permanent tattoos.
  • Create younger-looking skin by stimulating new collagen production.
  • Help to decrease hair growth.
  • Treating facial veins (facial capillaries).
  • Reduce the appearance of or remove Port Wine Stains.


What Happens After the Treatment?

Depending on the skin condition and concern being treated, there may be no downtime at all. However, the downtime highly depends on each individual case. The treated area may be gray for a couple of minutes, or it may be red for a few days. It is completely normal to experience bruising and some marks after the treatment, and it is also normal to not have any noticeable marks at all. Novomed’s team of skin experts will be sure to set your expectations before conducting your treatment so that you can be prepared to take a couple of days off. In some cases, patients are known to undergo the treatment during their lunch break and return to the office after the appointment.

How Many Sessions are Needed?

Q-Switch treatment is non-invasive, and when used by an expert, it is entirely safe! This common treatment guarantees instant skin rejuvenation after the first session. Most of our patients claim that after one session they can see an immediately noticeable improvement in their overall complexion. Depending on the case, the improvement of the skin can range anywhere from 15% to 30% after the first session. In some cases, only one treatment may be required, however, to treat noticeable dark spots and moderate to severe skin pigmentation, you may be required to complete between 4-8 sessions. To address permanent tattoo removal and deeper skin lesions, higher energies of the laser are used. In these cases, some downtime is to be expected. The intensity of the laser and the duration between sessions will be determined by the skin specialist and based on your needs and skin type.

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