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Family Therapy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

Family therapy is an intervention designed to address specific issues affecting the functioning of a family, or unhealthy patterns of interaction between members of a family. It always views an individual’s difficulties in the context of a larger unit: the family. The idea is that psychological or emotional problems cannot be addressed or solved without looking into the dynamics of the whole family system.

Family therapy usually starts by looking at the emotional or behavioral problems displayed by the children, as these are often symptomatic of a family problem. At Novomed, we use both Systemic and Strategic family therapy to address these issues. Systemic therapy focuses on the unconscious communication and the meaning behind family members’ behaviors, whereas strategic therapy is more active. In strategic therapy, the therapist directs the situation, taking charge assigning homework for family members in order to change the way they interact with each other.

Our therapists will take a holistic approach in helping the family. They will

  • Observe how family members interact and form units;
  • Evaluate and resolve relationship problems; and
  • Diagnose and treat psychological disorders within a family context.


They will ensure that family’s dynamic is not a factor maintaining any problems, and guide clients through transitional crises such as divorce or death. They will detect problematic relational or behavioral patterns, and help to replace dysfunctional behaviors with healthier ones.

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