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Fox Eye Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Cosmetic approaches have progressed over time in response to the desire to improve one’s appearance. A unique fashion that perfectly captures the spirit of young appeal has evolved in recent years, and it’s called the “fox eye.” Because of its ability to transform one’s appearance, the trend has won over the hearts and minds of individuals in search of a modern take on timeless style.

Fox eye surgery is a cosmetic eye lift procedure that makes the eyes look more almond-shaped, elongated, and lifted. The surgery lifts the eye with an upward tilt or angle that resembles the eyes of a fox. The procedure is known as Canthoplasty. Over the years, fox eyes have become very popular, especially among celebrities and trending social media stars, making it a sought-after procedure in the world of cosmetic surgery.

At Novomed, our board-certified plastic surgeons are steadfast in their dedication to delivering natural outcomes that highlight your features. Our expertise in fox eye surgery is evident, with a history of successful treatments and satisfied patients. With the help of our outstanding team of skilled experts, we are masters in the art of fox eye transformations, guaranteeing that every client is satisfied and assured of the results.

Get rid of the droopy eyes look!

Fox eye surgery combines an eyelift (blepharoplasty) with a surgical browlift to raise the outer part of the eyebrows and lift the outer corner of the eye to give it a more alluring look. This creates a slight angle that looks like a fox’s eye and gives the face a beautiful, winged look. The main goal of a fox eye lift is to make the eyes look younger, less droopy, and elongated.

All the right reasons to get Fox Eyes

  • Enhance Your Facial Features: The incredible beauty of the fox eye aesthetic lies in its power to enhance your facial features and take them to new heights. You can achieve a refreshed and vibrant appearance by gently repositioning the eye’s outer corner.
  • Youthful Lift: The technique can subtly raise the outer corner of the eye, creating a more youthful appearance. This lift helps undo the effects of time and weariness for a fresher, younger look.
  • Fox eyes highlight face symmetry in a similar way to other transformations. The extended, slanted form will make your face look more balanced and attractive.
  • Eyes look bigger, more awake, and unquestionably rejuvenated.
  • Age-related changes, such as droopiness or dark circles under the eyes, might make you look older than you really are. The benefits of fox eye surgery include a more refreshed appearance and a reduction in the telltale indicators of weariness.
  • This combined yet innovative eye-and-brow lifting procedure offers a remarkable lifting effect in a shorter amount of time compared to having the procedures done individually, enjoying a single recovery passage.

What to expect after fox eye surgery?

Fox eyes will give a gentle uplift to your face! Achieving a fox eye aesthetic on your features will result in an elevated and elongated eye shape that imparts a youthful and refreshed appearance. While it may not eliminate all facial wrinkles, it has the potential to noticeably soften the appearance of crow’s feet and effectively reduce the signs of sagging around the eyes. The primary focus of the fox eye look is to create an enchanting, almond-shaped eye, and a youthful gaze, adding a touch of revitalization and balance to your overall facial aesthetic.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between a thread lift and surgical fox eye surgery?

The fox eye procedure involves making incisions and provides longer-lasting results, whereas thread lifts are minimally invasive and offer a quicker recovery. Choosing the write procedure depends on your personal preferences and cosmetic goals.

Can fox eye surgery eliminate wrinkles around the eyes?

Fox eye surgery can lessen the visibility of fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes, but it may not be able to remove them completely. The emphasis is on rejuvenating the appearance of the eye region.

Can fox eye surgery prevent eyelids from sagging permanently?

Although fox eye surgery can produce a noticeable and long-lasting change in your appearance, it cannot prevent the natural aging process. Changes in skin elasticity and muscle tone are two age-related factors that might have an effect on the look of the eyes throughout time. As a result, it may be necessary to undergo touch-up operations on a regular basis to sustain the ideal fox eye appearance.

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