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Fat Transfer Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

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Novomed Aesthetica facilities offer a wide variety of transformative services for the body, from complicated body-contouring procedures to breast augmentation.

Solution for

  • Breast augmentation without using foreign implants
  • Brazilian butt lifts without using foreign implants



Using correct surgical techniques, the fat graft remains viable; therefore the improvement achieved during the procedure is ‘permanent.’ Our surgeons at Novomed Aesthetica use proven techniques to ensure the highly effective transfer of at least 70% of the fat. The transferred fat may last 5-7 years or longer.

Discomfort during the procedure

A small transfer to the breasts is done with local anesthesia under sedation with minimum discomfort while transfer to the buttocks requires general anesthesia.

Down time

2-3 days of bruising and swelling of the breasts and 1-2 weeks for the buttocks (read more: link to Brazilian butts)

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