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Canthopexy – Cat Eye Surgery

Cat Eye Surgery (Canthopexy) in Dubai, UAE

Canthopexy, also known as cat-eye surgery or eye lift surgery, is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that raises the outer corners of your eyes to increase the upward slant of your eyes. This procedure can be performed alone or along with a brow lift. It helps create fresher, less tired-looking eyes, which is the key to having a happier facial expression and looking younger.

Am I a suitable candidate for canthopexy?

Cat-eye surgery is an elective cosmetic procedure that helps patients achieve a more attractive eye shape. You can benefit from this revolutionary eye lengthening surgery if:

  • You are in good health and have realistic expectations.
  • You have a significantly round eye-opening.
  • Your outer eye corner is turning downward.
  • You have saggy skin under your eyes that make you look tired and old.
  • You have no health conditions that might affect the surgery.
  • You want to raise the corners of your eyes to create the cat-eye effect.


How is a canthopexy performed?

A canthopexy works by lifting and fixing the lateral canthal tendon to a higher position, creating a subtle yet noticeable correction in the angle of the outer corner of the eye.

After administering a local anesthetic, the surgeon makes a tiny incision at the lateral corner of the eyes where the upper and lower eyelid meet. Then they will raise the lateral canthal tendon and fix it to a higher position and place a suture within the crease so the scar will remain hidden.

This simple and painless procedure can be performed alone or combined with a brow lift or lower blepharoplasty. When performed alone, it takes about 30 minutes, and when combined with another procedure, it can take up to 1 hour to complete.

What are the benefits of this procedure?

Canthopexy has many benefits that depend on your cosmetic goals. For younger patients, the procedure can be mainly cosmetic to elevate the outer corners of the eyes, giving a cat-eye. Younger patients may also consider a lateral brow lift along with canthopexy to create a more noticeable effect.

For older patients, the procedure is mainly carried out in combination with lower blepharoplasty. Lower blepharoplasty rejuvenates the eyes by removing excess skin, fat, and eye bags, making the eyes look younger.

Will the surgery leave a scar?

Since the incision is made at the outer corner where the upper and lower eyelid meet, the scar will remain hidden after it heals properly.

How long is the recovery after this procedure?

Given that this procedure is minimally invasive, the recovery period is limited. You may experience some discomfort, swelling and minimal bruising, but that is normal and expected in the first couple of weeks after the surgery. By following the surgeon’s instructions, you can ensure proper healing and ideal results.

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