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Breast-imaging services such as a mammogram screening are used to help doctors detect and diagnose breast cancer. They are also capable of identifying tiny clusters of calcium called microcalcifications, which could be an indication of cancer cells or other conditions such as cysts. Mammograms can often find breast abnormalities in their very early stages. This is critical as the early detection of breast cancer can reduce the treatment time and improve the outcome.

Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms at Novomed

Novomed Specialized Clinics offer digital mammography using the latest breast-imaging technology and expertise. A digital mammogram uses a low-dose X-ray that passes through your breast tissue. It captures a high-resolution, high-contrast image of the inner structures of the breasts. These images can reveal potential tumors or abnormalities before they can even be felt.

Depending on your needs, our specialists might recommend either a screening or a diagnostic mammogram.

Screening mammograms are the most commonly used breast-imaging tool. These preventive tests look for changes in the breast tissue of women who do not show any abnormal signs or symptoms. A screening mammogram usually consists of two images of each breast, taken from different angles.

Diagnostic mammograms give a more comprehensive x-ray of the breasts using specialized techniques. They are performed if there were abnormal findings in the screening mammogram, or if there are signs indicating an issue. These signs include lumps being felt during a physical exam, breast pain, nipple discharge, thickening of the skin on the breast, or changes in the size or shape of the breast. The technologist will take the breast X-rays from several angles, and the suspicious area will be magnified to assist in an accurate diagnosis. A diagnostic mammogram may show that an area that looked suspicious on a screening mammogram is actually normal, or it may lead to the doctor recommending further testing, such as a biopsy.

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