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Dental Restoration in Dubai

What are Dental Restorations?

Dental Restorations are various ways your dentist can restore and replace missing teeth or missing parts of the tooth structure. The goal of dental restoration is to bring back your natural smile and to prevent future oral health issues.

Are you a Candidate?

Upon visiting one of Novomed’s highly qualified dentists, you will receive a unique treatment plan which is suitable for your unique dental case. Below are some reasons as to why you may be a candidate for dental restoration:

  • Tooth decay
  • Dental cavities
  • Weakening of a previously placed restoration
  • Fractured or chipped teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Mal-aligned teeth
  • Tooth stains which are resistant to treatment


Restore chipped teeth.

Do you have a chipped tooth that makes you conscious about smiling in front of people? Lumineers provide a painless and convenient way to fix your chipped teeth for good.

Eliminate gaps between teeth.

Do you have a gap between your front teeth or another spacing issue that you want to fix? Lumineers provide a fast, non-invasive solution to eliminate gaps between teeth. The ultra-thin Lumineers will remove these gaps while keeping your teeth intact in just two visits to your dentist.

Align crooked teeth.

Lumineers provide a painless and fast alternative to orthodontics that provide a perfectly proportioned look and a beautiful smile. Even though braces are readily available to adults, most of them do not want to put up with pain or embarrassment. Thus, Lumineers is an ideal alternative to orthodontics.

Types of Dental Restorations

Nowadays there are several variations of treatment options for restoring a healthy and beautiful smile. Dental restorations aim to repair damaged, worn, decayed, or missing teeth. Depending on the nature of your unique case, your dentist will perform one of the two types of dental restorations:


Direct restoration is when all the work is fabricated and completed within the mouth. This involves placing a filling into a prepared tooth cavity immediately. Your dentist selects the right filling option depending on the location and type of the filling. The material is then hardened to restore the structure or appearance of the damaged tooth.


Indirect tooth restoration involves customized tooth replacements. Indirect tooth restoration will require more than one office visit, as for the restorations are manufactured in the lab. Porcelain, composite resins, and even gold are some of the few materials which are used to create dental restorations. Examples of restorations include the following:

  • Crown – Covers the entire chewing surface of a tooth
  • Inlay – Lies within the cusps of the tooth
  • Onlay – Covers the cusps of the tooth and fits inside of the tooth
  • Bridges – False teeth that “bridge” the gap which is created by one or more missing teeth
  • Dentures– Removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues.
  • Veneers – Layer of material placed over the tooth
  • Implants – Replacement tooth roots that are placed into the bone socket where teeth are missing

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