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Laser Dentistry in Dubai

At Novomed, we are proud to be one of the leading centers that offer laser dentistry services in the UAE. Laser dentistry is increasingly becoming a popular choice amongst patients. Moreover, it has become an integral part of many treatments, including dental fillings, root canals, and dental surgeries.

Lasers offer significant benefits to the patient, providing more comfort, faster recovery, and better results. Our dentists at Novomed use laser technology to assist in dental surgeries and operations as they reduce discomfort and pose a decreased risk for bacterial infections and reduced inflammation and bleeding. Moreover, laser technology helps to speed up the regeneration of the gums post-surgery.

What is the scope of laser dentistry?

  • Laser dentistry is suitable for both therapeutic and diagnostic use.
  • Lasers come in different types specifically designed for different types of tissues.
  • For treatment, the laser can be used on soft tissues (such as gums) and hard tissues (such as teeth, enamel, and bones).
  • For diagnosis, a laser can be used to detect the early signs of tooth decay, allowing early action before radical treatment is needed.


The uses of laser dentistry

Fillings and tooth preparation

A dental laser can be used, under the right conditions, to prepare the tooth for filling in place of a drill. Often anesthesia is not required. The laser works without heat or vibration, so it causes little or no discomfort, and this also protects the surrounding enamel. It is so precise that it preserves the healthy tooth structure and destroys bacteria locally to ensure that no contaminant is left in the tooth.

Children’s laser dentistry

The laser can be used in place of a drill or scalpel to help eliminate any fear and anxiety associated with dental visits. It is the preferred treatment for tooth decay without heat, vibration, or the loud sound of drilling, and anesthesia is often not needed.

Root canal treatment

A laser can be used to open the canal and remove the infected tissues with a combination of air, water, and light energy. After that, the root canal can be cleaned and sterilized. The anti-bacterial laser improves the chances of a successful root filling and helps to initiate the healing process.

Gum disease/ periodontal treatments

Laser therapy is already used by many periodontists in the United States to treat periodontal disease. An existing and growing number of research and studies supports this move towards increasing the use and incorporation of lasers in dental and periodontal treatments. Gum disease forms in pockets around the tooth, which may weaken its attachment to the gums, causing it to fall eventually. Deep sinuses usually require surgical treatment, but with lasers, they can often be treated without surgery and with minimal discomfort. Lasers do not compromise when it comes to effectiveness; they can penetrate deeper into the pockets of gum disease, resulting in reduced risk of recurrence and better healing response.

Dental implants

Placing implants using lasers is so delicate and precise that the site can be prepared with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue, and there is minimal bleeding, and often no stitches are required. The use of laser significantly reduces the inflammatory response, so the discomfort is much less after surgery. The laser also sterilizes the area, promotes soft tissue healing, and regenerates new soft and hard tissues. Moreover, the use of laser reduces the chance of infection, improves wound healing, and encourages the growth of new bone to integrate the implant into the jawbone. Our dentists have extensive experience using lasers in implant surgery.

If you are looking for a reputed and experienced laser dentistry provider in Dubai, look no further.

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