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Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

There is nothing greater than having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. However, due to several factors, an infection can arise. Here at Novomed, our team of certified dental experts hold numerous decades of experience in addressing dental concerns. Using only the finest, up-to-date technology, Novomed Dental Department offers the most effective and pain-free root canal treatment.

What Causes Infection of the Root Canal?

The start of a tooth infection will typically not cause you to feel any pain at all. However, should your root cavity cause to flare up, you will experience a sharp pain running through your mouth. Symptoms include:

  • Swelling of the gums
  • Tenderness in the region affected
  • Extreme sensitivity to ice and cold foods
  • Extreme sensitivity to spicy food


Although your tooth care routine may be meticulous, at times an infection can arise due to reasons such as:

  • Damage to the teeth
  • Leaky fillings
  • Tooth decay


The root canal is a home to dental pulp that continues from the upper region to the root of the teeth. This pulp chamber contains blood vessels, tissues, and nerves. This natural cavity delivers key nutrients to the teeth. When a patient gets a bacterial infection, the tissues inside the pulp begin to decompose, sooner or later turning into puss. If left untreated, the infection can spread from one tooth to other surrounding teeth.

How is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Root canal treatment is a procedure that removes decomposed soft tissue to clear out inflammation. A qualified dentist will clean the base of the tooth and eliminate any bacteria present in it. Upon finishing the treatment, a permanent filling or crown is placed to recover and increase the strength of the tooth. Typically, the procedure is done over the course of two to three appointments. Some cases may require more visits, depending on the severity of the infection and tooth that is affected.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • Lifetime results
  • Pain-free procedure
  • If treatment is done successfully, resuming to eat easily after is possible
  • Probability of tooth extraction decrease
  • Functionality of original teeth increase

If the root canal treatment is conducted by a highly trained dental specialist, your chances of keeping the original tooth intact and healthy will amplify.

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Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Lifetime results – Pain-free procedure – Probability of tooth extraction decrease – Functionality of original teeth increase.

Post Treatment Care

Patients are advised to take care of their teeth during the recovery phase by maintaining proper oral care and limiting the intake of sweet and acidic foods and beverages. Chewing hard foods should be omitted until the dentist gives you the green light to do so. The recovery period is short with minimal pain and discomfort. Medications are provided to overcome such troubles.

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