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Nutrition Support for Improved Health in Dubai

Food is the most powerful medicine we can consume, having an extraordinary impact on our health. Over the past few decades, we have moved from a nutrient-dense diet that varied and changed based on location and season, to a diet dependent on a few starchy crops, meat and poultry injected with hormones, and sugar-laden drinks. Eating a poor diet and living a lifestyle at odds with our genetic heritage is shortening lives and costing nations trillions of dollars every year.

However, you can help to prevent and, in some cases, even progressively begin to reverse chronic disease with the correct approach to food.

Our dietitian will evaluate your health and weight by looking at your lifestyle, diet and body com2position (we have a machine that measures the proportion and location of fat, muscle and water in your body). She will also speak to you about your health goals to work out a plan that suits you. She will then create a personalized diet and activity plan that you can fit into your lifestyle. Ongoing check-ups and support lead to positive outcomes at our dietary clinic.

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