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Immunization in Dubai

At Novomed our pediatricians can provide all the mandatory and optional vaccinations, according to the UAE’s National Immunization Program.

We understand that many parents feel concerned about vaccinations and that there is much published literature on possible side effects, both immediate and long-term. Our highly trained staff will listen to you without judgement and present to you only the most medically sound advice. We will partner you in making the right decisions for your child and your family.

We can also offer additional travel vaccinations as required.

Immunization schedules

On-time vaccination throughout childhood is necessary so that your child develops adequate immunity before they are exposed to potentially fatal diseases. Parents are advised to vaccinate their children on time, and keep track of their immunization records. While your baby maybe given multiple shots for the same disease at different ages and/or in combination with other vaccines, you must keep a careful record of your baby’s shots. Our staff at Novomed keeps track of each child brought for the vaccinations as well. Once you’re at Novomed, please ask your pediatrician for an immunization record form, keep it with your baby’s other documents, and make sure your pediatrician signs and dates every immunization.

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Novomed’s highly-qualified surgeons, consultants, and specialists are leaders in their fields and are well-known for offering honest advice and personalized care for their patients. 

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