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Ultrasound imaging helps examine the inside of your body using high-frequency sound waves that help visualize internal organs and blood flow through blood vessels. Unlike X-ray imaging, ultrasound imaging does not expose patients to ionizing radiation.

At Novomed, we care about our patients and aim to provide them with the safest and most effective ways to do their imaging tests and get the best diagnosis.

What are the uses of ultrasound scans?

Ultrasound can help diagnose diseases and health conditions and reveal their underlying causes to provide patients with suitable treatment. Moreover, this imaging test is used during pregnancy to help check on the fetus and follow up on its development.

Since ultrasound test is safe and doesn’t involve radiation, it is often used during biopsies to guide the needle inside the body.

What are the advantages of ultrasound scans?

– Safe, painless, and non-invasive test

– Easy to use and less expensive than other tests

– Does not use any radiation

– Provides real-time imaging

What are the types of ultrasound scans?

There are 3 main types of ultrasound scans, and the doctor will choose the appropriate method based on the test purpose and the area that needs to be scanned.

– External ultrasound scan. This type is often used to check on an unborn baby in the womb or examine the heart, liver, kidneys, and other organs in the tummy and pelvis, as well as muscles and joints.

During the scan, a small handheld device is placed on your skin after applying a lubricating gel to allow the probe to move smoothly.

– Internal ultrasound scan. This type allows for an in-depth examination of specific body organs, including the prostate gland, ovaries, and womb.

During an internal ultrasound scan, you will lie on your back or side with your knees bent towards your chest, and a small ultrasound probe is gently passed into the vagina or rectum to transmit images of the internal organs to a monitor. This test may cause mild discomfort, but it won’t take very long to finish.

– Endoscopic ultrasound scan. This exam involves inserting an endoscope, a long thin tube with a light and an ultrasound device at its tip, into the body through the mouth to examine areas such as your stomach or digestive tract.

You will lie on your side as the endoscope is inserted slowly towards your stomach. After the endoscope reaches the area that needs to be examined, it will emit sound waves to create images, which can be viewed on an external screen.

Before inserting the endoscope, the doctor will use an anesthetic spray to numb your throat and give you a sedative to keep calm during the scan and minimize discomfort.

What happens after the ultrasound exam?

Once the examination is complete, our radiologist will analyze the images and send a report to your doctor. Then your doctor will explain these images to you and recommend a suitable treatment if needed.

How long does an ultrasound scan take?

Depending on the type and purpose of the test, it may take around 30 to 60 minutes.

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