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Gastric Balloon in Dubai

At Novomed Weight Loss Center in Dubai, we understand that losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenging journey. Our team of expert medical professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals through safe and effective methods, one of which is the gastric balloon. Our personalized weight loss plans are designed to support you in your weight loss journey and provide the necessary tools for long-term success.

If you have a body mass index of 27 or more and have failed to lose weight using other methods, the gastric balloon might be an ideal solution for you. At Novomed, we offer the latest capsule gastric balloons that need only 15 minutes for placement and done under Xray with no need for endoscopy or sedation. The best part about the capsule balloon procedure is that there is no need to remove it as it passes out naturally after 4 months. The other kind of gastric balloons is the endoscopic balloon (Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz). Which is placed using a endoscope and is removed after 6-12 months using endoscope.

What is the gastric balloon procedure?

The gastric balloon is a non-surgical, minimally invasive weight loss procedure designed to assist individuals in jump-starting their weight loss journey. It involves placing a soft, inflatable balloon in the stomach, which creates a feeling of fullness and reduces hunger, leading to smaller portion sizes and better dietary choices.

Why choose gastric balloon at Novomed Weight Loss Center?

At Novomed, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals, including bariatric specialists, nutritionists, and support staff, who are committed to providing top-notch care throughout your weight loss journey. We understand that every individual’s weight loss needs are unique that’s why our team will tailor the gastric balloon procedure to your specific needs, ensuring the best possible results.

Novomed Weight Loss Center in Dubai has been credited as a Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery and Anesthesia. Our center is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and facilities, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and quality throughout your treatment. Moreover, we provide comprehensive aftercare, meaning that our support doesn’t end after the procedure; We offer ongoing monitoring, counseling, and guidance to help you adapt to the lifestyle changes and maintain your weight loss results.

Is the gastric balloon right for You?

The gastric balloon is generally suitable for individuals who:

  • Have a body mass index (BMI) between 27 and 40
  • Are committed to making significant lifestyle changes to support their weight loss journey
  • May not prefer surgical weight loss options

It’s important to remember that the gastric balloon is just one tool in the weight loss journey. Commitment to dietary and lifestyle changes is crucial for achieving lasting results.


Step-by-step guide for the gastric balloon procedure at Novomed

  • Initial Consultation: Your weight loss journey starts with an initial consultation with our bariatric specialist. During this visit, we will assess your medical history, discuss your weight loss goals, and determine if the gastric balloon is the right weight loss option for you.
  • Procedure Day: On the day of the procedure, our medical team will place the deflated gastric balloon into your stomach (using a capsule or endoscope). Once it is in position, the balloon will be inflated with a sterile saline solution, taking up space in your stomach.
  • Recovery and Monitoring: The procedure typically takes around 20-30 minutes, and you can go home on the same day. You may experience some discomfort in the initial days after the procedure, but our team will provide thorough aftercare instructions and schedule regular follow-up appointments to monitor your progress.
  • Balloon Removal: Depending on the type of gastric balloon, the balloon will be removed using the endoscopic procedure or will pass naturally out of your body through the digestive system. During the period prior to removing the balloon, you will work closely with our nutritionists and support team to develop healthy eating habits and make lifestyle changes for long-term success.

Take the first step towards a healthier You!

At Novomed Weight Loss Center in Dubai, we believe that weight loss is not just about a number on the scale; it’s about improving overall health and well-being. If you are ready to take the first step towards a healthier you, contact us today on 8006686 to schedule a consultation with our bariatric surgeon in Dubai and learn more about our gastric balloon and other weight loss options.

Remember, you don’t have to go on this journey alone. Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way, cheering you on towards a happier, healthier, and more confident future.

Popular Gastric Balloons at Novomed

Orbera Balloon

The Orbera Balloon is a FDA-approved intragastric balloon system designed to jumpstart weight loss for those struggling with obesity. The procedure involves placing a soft, silicone balloon in the stomach, occupying space and reducing the amount of food the stomach can hold. This leads to earlier feelings of fullness, allowing patients to control their portion sizes and adopt healthier eating habits.

Key features of the Orbera Balloon at Novomed:

  • Non-surgical: The entire procedure is performed endoscopically, without the need for incisions or general anesthesia, making it a safe and convenient option for many individuals.
  • Comprehensive support: Our team of experienced healthcare professionals, including dietitians and psychologists, will provide ongoing support and guidance throughout your weight loss journey.
  • Proven results: Clinical studies have shown that patients who undergo the Orbera Balloon procedure typically lose 3x more weight compared to those who rely on diet and exercise alone.

Elipse Balloon

The Elipse Balloon is a unique and innovative weight loss option that offers a hassle-free and non-invasive approach to gastric balloons. Unlike other balloons, the Elipse Balloon does not require endoscopy or anesthesia for placement or removal. Instead, it is swallowed in the form of a capsule and inflated remotely by the doctor.

Key features of the Elipse Balloon at Novomed:

  • No endoscopy or anesthesia: The entire procedure is needle-free, making it an attractive option for those who may be hesitant about traditional gastric balloon placement methods.
  • Convenience: The balloon is automatically deflated and excreted naturally after approximately 16 weeks, removing the need for a separate removal procedure.
  • Safe and effective: The Elipse Balloon has demonstrated significant weight loss results in clinical trials, helping patients achieve their weight loss goals.

Allurion Balloon

The Allurion Balloon is another exciting option for individuals looking to lose weight without surgery or endoscopy. Similar to the Elipse Balloon, the Allurion Balloon is swallowed as a capsule and then inflated with a small volume of fluid to occupy space in the stomach.

Key features of the Allurion Balloon at Novomed:

  • No endoscopy or anesthesia: The non-invasive placement process makes it a comfortable and accessible option for many patients.
  • Customized nutrition and exercise guidance: Our expert team will provide personalized meal plans and exercise recommendations to enhance your weight loss journey.
  • Proven results: Clinical studies have demonstrated impressive weight loss outcomes for patients using the Allurion Balloon.

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