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At Novomed Weight Loss Center, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals safely and effectively. Our experienced professionals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain provide a wide range of non-surgical weight loss options, including Mounjaro injections to assist you in your weight loss journey. Let us guide you through the details of this innovative treatment and address your questions and concerns.

What is the Mounjaro injection and how does it work?

Mounjaro Injection is a specially formulated weight loss injection designed to aid in fat burning and boost your metabolism. It contains a unique combination of natural ingredients that work synergistically to enhance your body’s ability to shed unwanted pounds. These injections are administered directly into the subcutaneous fat layers, promoting targeted fat reduction.

The key ingredient in Mounjaro Injection is lipotropic compounds, which are substances that help break down and remove fat from the liver. These compounds assist in the transport and metabolism of fat, thereby facilitating weight loss. Mounjaro Injections also contain essential vitamins and minerals that support overall health and well-being during your weight loss journey.

Mounjaro injection helps people with Type 2 diabetes by:

  • Assisting the body in efficiently releasing insulin when blood sugar levels rise
  • Promoting balanced glucose levels in the bloodstream
  • Supporting the liver regulate glucose production and release.
  • Cutting down appetite and the portion sizes of food consumed
  • This enables a more efficient digestion process, enabling food to stay in the stomach longer.

Am I a suitable candidate for Mounjaro?

Do not use this treatment if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Allergic to the tirzepatide
  • Have thyroid carcinoma
  • Pancreatic problems

How does reducing body weight affect type 2 diabetes treatment?

The increase in obesity is a significant contributor to the rise of Type 2 Diabetes. In addition, being overweight or obese is a common symptom of the illness. People with Type 2 Diabetes who are overweight are at increased risk for developing cardiometabolic complications, which are a leading cause of both illness and death.

Better blood sugar control is only one of the many health advantages that come from decreasing one’s body weight, which also impacts the treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. Those who have type 1 diabetes should not take Mounjaro.

 What are the steps of the Mounjaro treatment?

  • Cleaning the skin: The doctor will clean the injection site, which can be your upper arm, thigh or abdomen. To reduce the risk of infection, they’ll use an alcohol swab to clean the area.
  • Injecting: The doctor will prime the injectable pen by holding it with the needle pointed upward and pressing the injection button until a drop of medication releases from the tip. The dose selected from the pen will be checked twice. After that, the doctor will hold the pen upright and inject the drug.
  • Post Injection: The needle will be maintained in place to verify all the drug has been administered. The used needle will be disposed of when withdrawn from the patient.

The recommended dosage of Mounjaro is one usage per week, at any time of day. However, if a dosage is missed for one cause or another, it is suggested to take it as soon as possible, within 96 hours following the missed dose. It is recommended to wait until the next planned dose to take the drug if more than four days have passed since the last dose was taken. Do not administer the injection twice in a span of three days.

Clinical evidence for the effectiveness of Mounjaro for weight loss:

Tirzepatide, the active component in Mounjaro, was employed in the Phase 3 SURMOUNT-1 weight loss clinical trials that lasted for 72 weeks. Average weight loss after using tirzepatide ranged from 15% at the 5mg dose to 19.5% at the 10mg dose, 20.9% at the 15mg dose, and 3.1% with the placebo. Patients with diabetes were not eligible to participate in the experiment, but those who were overweight or obese were.

How can I get the most out of my Mounjaro injection? What adjustments should I make to my daily routine?

Adjustments to your way of life might include:

  • Make wise dietary selections.
  • Reduce the amount of food you eat.
  • Do as much physical activity as possible.
  • Change your routine for the better.
  • Follow the prescribed treatment schedule.

What can I expect from Mounjaro’s treatment?

The anticipated results should look like this once you begin:

  • Regular blood sugar levels, hence, controlled diabetes
  • Effective weight reduction
  • Improved gastric activity and wellbeing
  • Regulated cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Healthy lifestyle

Does Mounjaro have any side effects?

Mounjaro, like any other medicine, may pose the following side effects.

  • Bad stomach and diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Lack of hunger
  • Bloating/Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Swelling on the injection site

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take Mounjaro to start working?

While the blood sugar-lowering effects of Mounjaro (generic name: tirzepatide) will become apparent almost immediately, it may take between 8 to 12 weeks to achieve the desired A1C level. Mounjaro can reduce A1C by 7% in as little as eight weeks, whereas some other diabetic therapies can take as long as 12 weeks to do the same.

Does Mounjaro cause tiredness?

Tiredness, weakness, and lack of energy are some common side effects of Mounjaro (tirzepatide). Nonetheless, weariness is a typical symptom of type 2 diabetes.

Does Mounjaro help with weight loss?

The active component in Mounjaro has been studied for its effectiveness in treating obesity. The weight loss drug Zepbound, which contains the active component tirzepatide found in Mounjaro, is an authorized drug.

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