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Nutrition Support for Athletic Performance

Nutrition is increasingly recognized and appreciated for the role it plays in achieving optimal sporting performance. Nutritional strategies to improve performance and increase muscle mass include getting the optimal amounts micronutrients, macronutrients and fluids, in terms of their composition and spacing throughout the day.

In designing a comprehensive personalized plan for you, the dietitians at our health and fitness clinic in Dubai base their choices on strategies with proven success. These include:

  • Carbohydrate-loading for endurance: the aim is to maximize the glycogen stores in your muscles prior to endurance activities (an exercise session or sport that lasts longer than 90 minutes)
  • Train-low, compete-high principles: A strategy of training in a glycogen-depleted state while competing in a glycogen-loaded state
  • Increased protein intake for muscle training and building
  • Fluid and electrolytes intake during and around exercise sessions
  • Performance supplements to improve endurance, muscle building and quick recovery
  • Supplementation with micronutrients, essential to improve performance and avoid deficiencies