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Gum Depigmentation

A perfect smile does not only depend on having healthy, pearly white teeth. Gums frame the teeth; therefore, their appearance is an essential component to a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing smile. Gum depigmentation is a simple pain-free cosmetic procedure to remove dark spots from your gums and create a beautiful pink look.

What causes gum pigmentation?

Excess melanin in the gums or long-term use of some medications can cause dark spots or discoloration of the gums. Although gum pigmentation does not pose any health risks, it may cause someone to feel self-conscious about the look of their smile. Fortunately, there are treatments available which can help improve the appearance of gum pigmentation. 

Gum whitening procedure is quick and painless. In most cases, treatment can be completed in just one visit; this allows the patient to leave the clinic with pink, healthy-looking gums on the same day. This procedure removes pigmentation of the gums and helps the teeth to remain healthy in the long term.

Am I a suitable candidate for gum depigmentation?

The principle guideline indicates that gums should be healthy. The dentist will assess your gum health during the consultation.

This cosmetic treatment is not suitable for:

  • Patients who suffer from oral diseases
  • Patients with dark gums due to gum disease (which is not a superficial pigmentation problem)
  • Patients who are taking blood thinners (these can cause severe bleeding during treatment)
  • Patients with thin gum tissue or protruding tooth 

Laser gum depigmentation

Laser produces heat that vaporizes and removes the top thin layer of the gum tissue and destroys the melanin-producing cells. As new tissue grows during healing, it tends to be pink rather than brown. Treatment may require the use of local anesthetic and has a short recovery period with minimum discomfort. Sometimes, depending on the color and depth of the dark spot, it may take several sessions to achieve the desired degree of brightening.

How long does the result of gum depigmentation last?

The results of one gum depigmentation session can last for up to 20-25 years and, in some cases, for life. However, every patient is different and needs to be evaluated. We pride ourselves on offering you affordable laser gum depigmentation treatment. At Novomed, our dentists have years of experience with laser gum depigmentation and are on hand at every stage of the treatment.

If your gums have led you to feel insecure about your smile, then gum depigmentation treatment may be right for you.  Our team of dental experts can create the right treatment plan for you, which can bring you one step closer to a more beautiful, and confident smile. Contact us today to get started with laser removal of gum pigmentation.

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