Genral Gynecological Examination

Novomed offers comprehensive treatment programs headed by specialized and highly trained gynecologic teams to meet the health care needs of women experiencing complex and/or sensitive conditions. Depending on the nature of the condition, Novomed gynaecologist team may choose to treat the disorder medically or surgically and, for some conditions, may opt to use minimally invasive surgery decreasing the length of hospital stay and length of recovery.

It is essential that for women over the age of 18 to have a yearly gynaecological examination in order to identify and detect potential health problems, mainly certain cancers, especially breast and cervical cancers. This is important even though some women may not be aware of any underlying gynaecological problems that they may have so as to eliminate the risk of having undiagnosed conditions that may have an impact on the reproductive and sexual health of the individual.

The gynaecological examination offered in Novomed include:

  • Consultation with a Gynaecology Specialist:

    This consists of collecting Information about the patient’s overall health, menstrual history, previous smear tests, sexually active, pregnancy history and choice of contraception. The patient is encouraged to discuss any gnomological concerns they may have.

  • Clinical Laboratory Tests and Blood Tests

  • Microbiological and Gynaecological Investigations

    Pap smear. Colposcopy. Simple vaginal discharge study.

  • Imaging Investigations

    Gynecological ultrasound, breast ultrasound and mammography.

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