Dr Carmela Wetterhall

Specialist General Surgeon

Dr Carmela is a Swedish Board-certified surgeon licensed by DHA. She worked as a resident doctor and specialist general surgeon at several Swedish hospitals and received special training on acute upper-GI surgery, acute colorectal surgery, vascular trauma and general trauma surgery, bariatric and metabolic surgery and sleeve gastrectomy.

Dr Carmela focuses mainly on acute and trauma surgery and has extensive experience handling abdominal conditions and various traumatic injuries. Moreover, Dr Carmela is proficient in elective surgeries, such as bariatric surgery, hernia surgery and cholecystectomies, in addition to laparoscopic procedures.

Dr Carmela a lecturer at the medical faculty at Lund University and has published several publications and research. She was awarded the membership of the Swedish Surgical Society and the Swedish Surgical Society for Bariatric Surgery.

Dr Carmela speaks English, Swedish, German, Turkish, Farsi.

Dr Carmela Wetterhall