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Fotona Q Switch

Many techniques are used in treating skin problems and getting rid of impurities, including the Fotona Q Switch, which is considered one of the latest technologies applied in the field of skin treatment.

What is the Fotona Q Switch?

The Fotona Q switch is one of the most modern devices to get rid of pigmentation and acne scars, as it directs a group of laser beams to the treated site with the aim of reducing skin impurities and unifying its color. Thanks to its advanced properties, the laser beams issued by this device can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and better treat the problem.

This device is safe and effective as it can be used on the skin without any side effects.

How does the Fotona Q Switch work?

The Fotona Q switch directs laser beams to the site of pigmentation. These rays penetrate the different layers of the skin, reaching deep pigmented tissues and cells, thus being able to treat them and unify the skin color completely.

What are the benefits of the Fotona Q Switch?

This device provides many benefits that help restore an even skin tone and freshness, among these benefits:

  • Treating the deepest pigmentation and reducing the dark spots and spots caused by the sun’s rays
  • Remove more difficult tattoo colors like black, blue, red and green
  • Regenerate skin cells and fight the signs of aging
  • Unify the color of the skin and reduce the fading of its color
  • Treating acne scars and reducing their appearance


What happens during a Fotona Q switch treatment session?

When resorting to treatment with Fotona Q Switch, it is imperative to see a doctor before the session, to discover the problem and determine the appropriate treatment for it.

During the session, the skin is cleaned well and then a little carbon is applied to the skin. Then, the doctor directs the Fotona Q switch to the treated area where the laser beams enter the skin layers.

After you have passed the device over the treated site, clean the skin with a small cotton ball and a little saline. Then the doctor puts a moisturizing and calming mask for the skin for 15 minutes, and he removes it later to dry the skin and apply the sunscreen cream.

What happens after the session?

After a Fotona Q switch treatment session, the patient should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Avoid exposure to the sun for a period of 7 to 10 days
  • Apply sunblock cream with a high SPF
  • Avoid peeling skin and leave it to peel off on its own
  • Apply a little Vaseline to the treated area and cover it to keep it safe
  • Apply moisturizing and soothing creams daily


In order to provide the best treatment for patients, Novomed Centers have equipped its specialized clinics with the latest and most advanced technologies to constantly keep pace with the treatment methods, as the best doctors are keen to apply them after providing an accurate diagnosis of each patient’s condition.